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Camille | September 28 2017

The Givre dress/tee pattern contains two versions: sleeveless and 3/4 sleeves. In this tutorial, let’s see how to create a third version with short sleeves! To get the pattern piece of our new sleeve, we will modify piece #8 (sleeve head) by removing the 1 cm (3/8”) seam allowance at the bottom of the piece […]

Camille | September 26 2017

Let’s say you like the style lines of the Azara skirt, but you’re unsure if the midi length is right for you… Well here is a really easy method to shorten it! Like on all our patterns, the Azara skirt has lengthen/shorten lines that indicate where to slash the pieces to add or remove length. […]

Eléonore | September 21 2017

Last but not least, it’s time to go through the reviews of the Bleuet dress! It seems like this new version has a lot going for her 😉 Since its first release in 2012, the Bleuet pattern has been used to create many wonderful dresses, many of which you can find on social media using […]

Eléonore | September 20 2017

It seems like many sewing bloggers are expecting happy events lately… Lucky for us as we were able to get valuable reviews of the maternity version of Givre! Version A, version B, tee, mini, or midi, our testers and reviewers seem to love Givre maternity. We’re so excited to show you their versions today! By […]

Eléonore | September 19 2017

Today we’re presenting the tests and reviews of the Givre pattern in its regular version! We’re excited to show you more on this pattern, which has been a huge success so far and will be back in stock in printed format on Monday! We are thrilled with the success of Givre and the many dresses […]

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