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Camille | January 25 2017

After the holidays, your budget might be too tight to buy the latest sewing gadgets. Well scratch that, because you don’t need fancy tools to sew! Many everyday objects can double up as improvised sewing tools. In the Deer&Doe workshop, we’ve tried everything we could get our hands on, from tuna cans used as pattern […]

Camille | September 29 2016

Our Safran pants are almost done! Let’s tackle the last few wrinkles around the legs and knees 🙂 Before we start, it is important to note that not every wrinkle needs to be removed. The thicker and less stretchy the fabric is, the less it will be possible to get rid of all of the […]

Camille | September 26 2016

After looking at adjustments for the back of the Safran pants, let’s look into what we can do the perfect the fit on the front! Safran’s instruction booklet includes a two-page spread with adjustments for the most common fit problems on pants: wrinkles and drag lines around the pubis, hips and upper thighs. These four […]

Camille | September 21 2016

Sewing perfectly fitted pants is not impossible if you tackle fit issues one by one. Here is how to get rid of folds and gapes at the back of your Safran pants! Fitting pants is not always a very intuitive process. Around the hips and bum, many different aspects of your body shape can influence […]

Camille | September 19 2016

One strong point of Safran is that it can be made in many different fabrics for a wide range of styles: denim, twill, cotton sateen or even pleather, as long as it has 20 to 30% stretch, it works! However not every fabric requires the same tools, especially when it comes to sewing machine needles. […]

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