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Eléonore | March 15 2017

Today we’re telling you more about the new PDF format that we introduced in addition to our existing printed patterns! For years, we have sold our patterns in printed format only. Today our context has changed: our audience is not just in France anymore but truly international, and even though we have always tried to […]

Eléonore | March 14 2017

It seems like our teasers on social media have left you overflowing with excitement… Well here it is, the new spring-summer collection! And it comes with a few surprises as well! With this new collection, we are introducing three patterns to build your spring-summer wardrobe: the Hoya blouse, the Goji shorts and skirt, and the […]

Camille | January 25 2017

After the holidays, your budget might be too tight to buy the latest sewing gadgets. Well scratch that, because you don’t need fancy tools to sew! Many everyday objects can double up as improvised sewing tools. In the Deer&Doe workshop, we’ve tried everything we could get our hands on, from tuna cans used as pattern […]

Eléonore | December 15 2016

Are you planning to sew anything special for the holidays? Party dresses for fancy dinners, casual outfits for hanging out with friends or family, we have inspiring ideas for every occasion! 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 5 | 6 | 7 8 | 9 | 10 Velvet is definitely the star fabric of […]

Eléonore | December 9 2016

December is fleeing! Are you struggling to get your holiday shopping done on time? If you’re like us, the thought of braving crowded malls sends shivers down your spine, and let’s not even talk about waiting for that last package to finally arrive… Do not worry, we thought about you and we compiled a list […]

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