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Eléonore | March 31 2017

Today we are sharing three tutorials to adjust the bust of your Hoya blouse! The lovely faux-wrap neckline of the Hoya blouse is its focal point, so it’s important to have it fit right! If you notice some fit issues on your muslin, here’s how to get rid of them. Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) Does […]

Eléonore | March 29 2017

Today we are presenting some finished Goji shorts and skirts! Les Lubies de Louise made a summery shorts version Our reviewer Kelerabeus and our very own Camille both used fabrics with lots of drape! Pretty skirts from Emilie le Papillon and By Julie Note: pattern testers and reviewers Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the […]

Eléonore | March 27 2017

We took the opportunity of the release of the new collection and PDF format to create a new edition of our famous free pattern: the Plantain tee! Ever since its release in 2014, Plantain has become a must-have amongst free patterns. Three years later, it was time to revisit it! So, what’s new with our […]

Camille | March 24 2017

To wrap up our series on fabric choice, let’s look at the Luzerne trench coat! For Luzerne, we recommend light to medium weight twill or gabardine. The fabric must have enough body: avoid wools and rayon blends, or you’ll lose the structure of the jacket. At the same time, the fabric has to have some […]

Camille | March 23 2017

After Hoya yesterday, let’s take a look at recommended fabrics for the Goji shorts and skirt! With a casual skirt or shorts such as Goji, it’s great to be able to move without constraints. Therefore it’s important to choose a resistant fabric that will handle friction, no matter how strong you pull on the drawstring […]

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