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Eléonore | October 5 2018

Today I’m telling you more about Opium: the perfect pattern to dive into the world of coat-making! Many of you had been asking for a Deer&Doe coat, and this idea had been on our minds for a few winters… now after long months in the making, Opium is finally born! This swing coat has a […]

Eléonore | October 4 2018

Thank you so much for the warm welcome you’ve given our new collection! Today, let’s take a closer look at the Magnolia dress. Since the beginning, Deer&Doe has been famous for pretty everyday dresses. But after seeing so many dressed-up versions of Belladone, Centaurée, or Réglisse, we thought it was time to create an actual […]

Eléonore | October 3 2018

Magic is in the air, so fall under the spell of our new fall-winter collection. Evanescent creatures, misty spirits, mysterious covens… When days grow shorter, nights get longer and longer… Though the Deer&Doe blog has been silent all summer, changes were bubbling beneath the surface as we were working on our two new patterns. This […]

Eléonore | September 27 2018

If we have been a little silent on the blog and social media this summer, it’s in part because we have been though a big change behind the scenes: Deer&Doe finally moved to a dedicated sewing studio! Since the launch of the company in 2012, I had been working and designing the collections from the […]

Eléonore | September 11 2018

As usual, Summer is a very busy season at Deer&Doe HQ! Now Fall is approaching, and the release of the new collection as well… A lot has happened behind the scene this summer, and we can’t wait to tell you about it! The first event was our big move… that’s right, after 6 years working […]

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