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Eléonore | April 4 2019

Today we’re introducing the lovely Agave skirt, which will soon become a staple piece in your wardrobe! Inspiration See the inspiration board on Pinterest The Agave skirt was born of our desire for a simple little A-line skirt, one that would work with everything in our wardrobe and could be styled many different ways. Basic […]

Eléonore | April 3 2019

Intrigued by our new collection? Let’s take a look at the details of the Sirocco jumpsuit! Inspiration See the inspiration board on Pinterest Sirocco is the very first jumpsuit from Deer&Doe! For this pattern, we wanted something light, soft, and comfortable, so we went straight for knit fabric. However, we also wanted to create an […]

Eléonore |

Womp womp… The launch of our new collection was stopped in its tracks yesterday when we were victims of a DDoS attack (a huge number of robot connections aiming to crash our website). After this bit of a false start, the website and online shop are now back online! Check out the Sirocco jumpsuit, the Agave skirt, and the Pensée dress […]

Eléonore | April 2 2019

Asymmetry, superpositions and crisp angles, our spring-summer 2019 collection is here and it is full of character! Sirocco, Agave and Pensée stand out with their sharp lines, all the while embracing feminine curves. This season, the Deer&Doe catalog grows with three new patterns: Sirocco, a cool and chic knit jumpsuit, Agave, a little wrap skirt […]

Eléonore | January 25 2019

Hi everyone! Like for many of you, most of my January happened under a cosy blanket, with a hot cup of tea on my desk. A month of planning and reflecting that feels a little suspended in time, and that I personally enjoy very much. Our January was busy designing our upcoming patterns, but we […]

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