#Azara# Shortening the skirt

Written by Camille

Let’s say you like the style lines of the Azara skirt, but you’re unsure if the midi length is right for you… Well here is a really easy method to shorten it!

Like on all our patterns, the Azara skirt has lengthen/shorten lines that indicate where to slash the pieces to add or remove length.


To shorten the skirt, trace all the pieces in your size, then cut along the lengthen/shorten lines. Overlap both halves of each piece of the desired amount, making sure to keep the straight-grain arrows and the vertical edges lined up, and tape in place.


For pieces #3 and #4, place your new pattern piece on a sheet of pattern paper, tape it in place, and trace a new side line starting from the hip notch and ending an inch or so above the lining edge, following the illustration above.

That’s it! Now you get to pick your preferred length: midi, knee-length, or mini like our reviewer My Name is Georges. And if you’re on team maxi, you can also choose to lengthen it! If you use this method to lengthen Azara to your ankles, it will have much less flare than the Fumeterre maxi skirt, which will create a more elongated silhouette.

How about you, did you give in to the midi trend this autumn?

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