Your Deer&Doe Outfits for Me-Made-May

Written by Camille

May has just wrapped up, along with the favorite challenge of the sewing community.

Me-Made-May is without a doubt the most-followed sewing event of the year: created by UK blogger So Zo in 2010, this yearly challenge pushes sewists to wear their handmade clothes with pride “in real life”. Everyone sets their own goal, and it’s a great occasion to discover new faces on social media and get a huge dose of inspiration! At Deer&Doe, we love seeing your Deer&Doe garments in context and discover how you pair them with other pieces, whether handmade or ready-to-wear, to create your very own outfits.



Dresses are generally our most-sewn patterns, and probably the easiest to wear. With Belladone, Centaurée, Réglisse or Sureau, just throw them on, add a necklace or a pretty bag, and you’re ready to go! We love these adorable outfits, all so feminine and fresh.



Who would have thought a single skinny jeans pattern could be the base for such a wide range of outfits? By playing with colors and patterns and pairing them with different styles of tops, there is a lot you can do to make your Safran jeans your own 🙂



We’ve been creating patterns at Deer&Doe for nearly six years now, and sometimes it’s hard to get a grasp of our entire catalogue! From our beginnings with Airelle and Datura to more recent patterns such as Hoya and Givre, along with the free Plantain tee and just-released-in-PDF Mélilot shirt, we’re starting to have a good number of tops in our offering. The creativity you display when you rock our new patterns and breathe new life into older ones never ceases to amaze us…



And the latest releases are not left behind: it looks like many of you are loving Myosotis, judging by all the wonderful versions that have been popping up on social media. It was also the pattern for the month of May for #SewMyStyle2018!

We took this opportunity to fix the picture galleries, which had been missing from the pattern pages since the great Instagram confusion of 2016. You can now find these galleries on the online shop: go to a pattern page, then click on “Your Creations” to see a selection of projects made from this pattern.

Find these outfits and many more on social media with hashtags #mmmay18 and #deeranddoe!

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