#Nénuphar# Long Robe Hack

Written by Camille

The Nénuphar jacket is such a quick project that I’m already sewing my 7th one!

After the release of a collection, I always go through a bit of a sewing burn-out, and Nénuphar was great to get me out of it with a few quick and easy projects. It’s also the perfect pattern for gift sewing: the fit is straightforward, and the result can be so different depending of the fabric choice, from an architectural jacket to a flowy and cozy robe!

For this version, I chose to transform Nénuphar into a lingerie-style inside robe, in a really soft double-gauze.


To do so, I simply lengthened pieces #1 (front), #3 (lower back), and #4 (collar) by 30 cm (12″), and I added a belt – borrowed from the Luzerne trench coat 😉 .

To make the belt loops:
  • cut 2 rectangles of 6 x 7,5 cm (2 3/8″ x 3″);
  • fold each belt loop in 4 (like biais binding) and topstitch;
  • fold in 1,5 cm (5/8″) at each end of the belt loops;
  • attach the belt loops to the side seams, level with the back gathers.
To make the belt:
  • cut 4 rectangles of 78 x 6,5 cm (31″ x 2 1/2″);
  • sew the rectangles two-by-two by a small side, right sides together;
  • place the belts right sides together, and sew all around, leaving one small side unstitched;
  • turn the belt to the right side through the opening, fold in 1,5 cm (5/8″) and topstitch around the whole belt.

To make the most of this reversible fabric, I cut the collar and belt on the back side of the fabric. I also skipped the collar notches which wouldn’t have looked great with the very loose weave of this double-gauze.


Easy-peasy changes, for a completely new look! This super soft Nénuphar is now my BFF for cocooning at home 🙂

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