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Written by Eléonore
October 8 2018 | Inspiration, Magnolia

Short or long, the Magnolia dress can work in many different styles! We gathered some inspiration pictures around three themes, and we hope you’ll like them!

Dark as the night


With its dramatic silhouette, Magnolia is perfect for dark and autumnal tones: florals on a black or navy background are always spot on, but you could also channel the magician within you and go with stars, moons, or delicate embroideries!

Minimalist solids


Embrace your inner minimalist by choosing a solid color for your Magnolia dress! Be careful when picking your fabric though, as its quality will be crucial for an elegant result.

Prints galore


Stars, dots, florals, wax, gingham or even plaid: if you are a print aficionado, now is the time to experiment! The only exception would be stripes, which might be broken by the lines of the paneled skirt.

We hope these inspirations have given you ideas for your own version of the Magnolia dress! You can find our full selection on Pinterest.

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