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Written by Eléonore
October 9 2018 | Inspiration, Opium

With its sleek yet unusual cut, the Opium coat can work in many a wardrobe! We selected a few examples of our favorite styles to show you 🙂

Modern elegance


Sew Opium in a beautiful solid wool in a neutral color for a minimalist style, or in a crazy print for a unique statement piece! Wear it casually over skinny pants or boyfriend jeans, or dress it up with a dress and pumps.

Retro charm


Opium can also pass for a vintage coat! Pick the right fabric and print for the job: wool velvet, bouclé, or tweed (combined with iron-on interfacing to give it more structure)… and don’t underestimate the impact of a great plaid!

You can find our full selection on Pinterest. Is your style more retro or modern? What are you inspirations for winter 2018?

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PsychicSewerKathleen, October 9 2018

Can’t wait for mine to arrive – love that it’s been recommended as a “first coat” for the sewist who has never ventured into coat making before and the fact that it is that classic swing style that will be fashion forward for many years to come!

    Yavanna, October 10 2018

    I am Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my pattern, and I’m contemplating ways of making it more versatile for my life. One idea was to do the outer shell in a waterproof fabric kind of like a goretex, and a bright color, and lining it in wool for warmth.

    Another consideration is modifying the collar to include a hood. Do you think this will be possible? I really love the silhouette!

    Camille, October 10 2018

    Absolutely! One of our reviewers just published a tutorial on how to draft a hood for the Opium coat, you can find it on her blog (the English version is at the end).

francesca, October 23 2018

What great inspiration! Wool velvet exists? I know cotton, silk, viscose and of course synthetic but wool? yuuuuummmmmm….. where?

    Camille, October 23 2018

    They do! They are pretty rare in apparel fabrics, less so in upholstery, but they exist. I recall seeing one on Mood Fabrics a while ago.

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