#Inspiration# Midi-length Magnolia

Written by Eléonore

Since the release of Magnolia, we’ve seen so many lovely versions of the dress pop up on social media!

Many of you have mixed the A and B variations, and we’ve seen some versions with different hem lengths too! If you’d like to sew a midi-length Magnolia dress but you haven’t made the leap yet, here is some advice to get your started!


What’s a “midi” length?

A midi skirt’s hem hits between just under the knee and the middle of the calf. This means there is not one midi length but many midi lengths! Depending of you height, your body type, and your style, a single inch of length can change everything – don’t hesitate to cut your skirt longer and try different hem lengths!


How to transform Magnolia’s skirt?

To transform the skirt of the Magnolia dress into a midi-length skirt, start with the skirt pieces from version A (floor-length) and draw a new hemline parallel to the original one, at the desired height. By removing 12” (30 cm) from the longer skirt, you’ll obtain a mid-calf length. For a under-the-knee length (like the dress pictured here), use the hem of the shorter skirt (version B) as a reference and add 4” (10 cm).


Slit or no slit?

If you make a mid-calf midi skirt, you might want to keep the slit in order to make the dress more flowy. For a shorter version (under the knee), I recommend skipping the slit.
If you’re not sure, the best option is to include the slit hem when you cut your skirt pieces: you can always sew it shut if you don’t like it when you try it on 🙂

Happy sewing! For more inspiration, have a look at all the wonderful Magnolia dresses on social media!

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