“Dressed” at the CSF Arts and Craft Show in Paris with Patron & Fils

Written by Camille
November 21 2019 | Dressed, Pattern News

Some of you might be heading to Paris next week for the “Créations et savoir-faire” event, the biggest arts and craft show in France!

We’re happy to announce that the French edition of our book will be available at the show, exclusively at the Patron&Fils booth!

44755215_279280382780434_5792275533484091834_nPhoto Credit: Patron&Fils

Come discover and browse through the book at the G080 booth, from november 27 to december 1. Take this opportunity to get acquainted with this lovely sewing store and café, right in the center of Paris! They offer sewing classes, pay-per-hour studio time, and a A0 printing service for your patterns.

But that’s not all… For every copy of “Dressed” purchased at the show, Patron&Fils offers a free A0 print, valid on the pattern of your choice from the book! A perfect holiday gift for any French speaker out there, while we wait for the English translation to be ready 🙂

Anyone going to the Créations & Savoir-Faire show this year?

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Julia, November 22 2019

OH! A book! From Deer & Doe! That is the best news I have heard in a long time =)
I will, of course, be snatching up a copy as soon as it’s available in English. Something to look forward to! =)

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