Our new book “Dressed” is being released today in France!

Written by Camille
November 26 2019 | Dressed, Pattern News

After months of work and weeks of waiting, we’re very excited for our book “Dressed – Concevez et cousez la garde-robe qui vous ressemble” to finally be out!


The book is only in French at the moment, but while we wait for the English version to come out, here’s a glimpse of what it will contain 😉


The goal of Dressed is to help you build a capsule wardrobe that you’ll actually wear. To do so, the book is divided in two parts that can be read and used independently: the method and the patterns.

The method

The method is here to help you analyze and consider all the factors that influence your wardrobe: your lifestyle, social and personal constraints, your style (the one you’d like to have and the one you actually feel comfortable in), your body shape and colors… The book contains worksheets to walk you through each step, and examples that will help guide your reflections.



Once you’ll have gathered all this information, you’ll learn to build a complete and versatile wardrobe with a small number of garments, and to select the sewing patterns that will work for you. Then you’ll move on to selecting your fabrics, which will be easy as can be thanks to all the information we put in the dedicated chapter.


The patterns

The 9 patterns included in the book are streamlined, beginner-friendly basics, and they can all be made in one afternoon. Their apparent simplicity allows them to fit within a wide range of styles and to be hacked in many different ways, but we put a lot of effort and care in the cut and fit of each pattern. We’ll tell you more later this week about all the possible variations: 7 tops, 6 bottoms, 3 dresses, and 2 jackets.



Along the patterns, you’ll find a guidebook that covers the basic techniques of sewing, as well as the most common adjustments that can be made on these patterns to perfect their fit.


We put all our heart in this project and we’re so proud of the result. Now we can’t wait to get it translated and published in English so that you can enjoy it too!

Southern France Meet-and-greet

If you happen to be in the south-west of France, head over to Toulouse on Saturday December 7th! Eléonore will be doing a book signing and a meet-and-greet, as well as a presentation of the book, at the lovely sewing store Les Marchandes, 8 rue du Taur, starting at 2PM.


We’re so thankful to all the people who worked with us on this book: our long-time photographers Will&Joan, the talented make-up artist Claire Gil, the Rascol online store who trusted us to showcase their fabrics, our eco-friendly and socially responsible printer Imprimatur, and our beautiful models Elodie, Olivia and Alima!

We do not have a release date for the English version yet, but know that we’re doing our best to get this book to you as soon as possible!

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Ioanna, November 26 2019

Ohhh I m so excited! I can’t wait for the English version! Wish you all the best, I am sure it will be a success

Mica, November 26 2019

Very excited about this and tracking my copy on its way to the US!

Francesca, November 27 2019

Oh wow! Will we be able to buy it from you? My French is good enough for sewing books, I have a few.

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