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Written by Eléonore
January 15 2020 | Behind the Scenes

The new year brings new projects for Deer&Doe! After a very demanding 2019, planning ahead for the year is giving us a welcome boost!


2019 was a transitional year for us, in which we gave everything we had. After a spring-summer release marked by a DDoS attack on our website and a lot of stress, the success of the Sirocco jumpsuit went beyond our wildest expectations, with thousands of lovely projects published online!

Following this release, Sylvie joined our team to answer all your messages and questions! But our respite was short-lived, as our book Dressed was already shaping up in our minds… An ambitious project, with a real gamble on the approach, and the crazy idea of starting our own publishing house. We hadn’t anticipated the huge amount of work we would have to get through, and we worked day and night to bring it to fruition.


With the incredible success of this first book, we’re pumped and ready to take on 2020! Our word for the year? Self-care.

Indeed, after the both of us had to take some burnout-related sick leave at the end of 2019, we realized that the long-term health of Deer&Doe starts with our own physical and mental health, and that our current workload was not sustainable. Consequently, we decided that in 2020 we were going to hire a few qualified people to work with us, and put better processes in place to make our life easier all the while improving our products!

What about our projects for 2020? We’re going to start by going back to paper patterns with a new pattern planned for spring! It will be a feminine and detailed garment, with multiple variations, and we hope you’ll like it!

Our second big project for the next few months is to work with a publisher for the English version of Dressed. We’re still exploring our options, but this is one of our biggest priorities so that our non french-speaking customers can finally enjoy our book 🙂 .


Our third priority is to improve our communication on the blog and social media, and publish quality content with more regularity. With this in mind, we turn to you: what would you like to see from Deer&Doe this year? Please let us know in the comments!

We wish you a wonderful 2020, and we’ll be back here very soon!

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Sophie Bach, January 15 2020

I love Deer&Doe and have most of your patterns. Can’t wait for the book to come in English! But please, yes, take care of yourselfs first.

I would like you to share more of others makes on insta-stories. I often go in on the different hashtags for inspiration and it would be great if you shared some of the makes of your patterns from others.

You do a great job and my favourite brand!

Best regards,
Sophie Bach

Rita, January 15 2020

I’m so excited for the English version of Dressed! Thank you for all your hard work. ALSO new pattern treat. Can’t wait to see what it is.

Barbara, January 16 2020

Does it mean you would not release PDF patterns?

    Sylvie, January 16 2020

    Don’t worry, our patterns will be available as usual in printed and PDF formats.

Francesca, January 16 2020

I am really sorry to hear about your burnout related illnesses. You guys, take it a bit easier. Health comes first:). Wishing you tons of good health as well as peace and happiness in 2020…. success too, or I should really say continued success :).

Oh and I would never have guessed your book was self published, it is so professional all the way! Congratulations!!! I’ve bought a few self published books and would never have guessed this one was. I love the whole concept and of course the patterns.

Lisa VanSchoyck, January 16 2020

I love Deer and Doe! It’s amazing that you’ve published a book and I am so excited to read it in English… But I am happy to wait for you to take care of yourselves and find an English printer that honors your vision for your business! I appreciate the vulnerability it takes to make a blog post explaining this. Knowing there are people behind the business is why I choose independent pattern makers!

I would suggest some posts about your design process and how inspiration and collaboration translate into a design as well as the types and amount of decisions you must weigh and make in order to make a pattern idea become a commercial reality. Maybe some commentary about how your personal fashion choices wander in an out of alignment with the line you are designing. I am self-taught and have no educational background in fashion or design, so learning about the thought processes and driving passions of business owners in the industry is very interesting to me.

I would also be interested in posts or other web content about adding hidden details or otherwise personalizing some of your patterns. I find that these types of posts inspire me to choose a pattern because incorporating individual expression is a driving force behind my sewing hobby. In this vein I think it might be worth revisiting older patterns. You have an excellent library of styles and I only see mention of legacy patterns to provide news that a particular style has been digitized. Would new content generate interest in old patterns?

As far as forthcoming patterns go I am interested in using insertion lace or ladder lace in a sleek and modern way. I am also interested in using water resistant breathable softshell fleece to make jackets that don’t look like I am a mountaineer or other such travel friendly garments that are feminine and fashionable. My best friend is completely opposite; She is a natural fibers only snob. It could also be neat to have a pattern that mixes woven pattern pieces with knit pattern pieces.

Thank you for all that you do. You are my favorite independent pattern maker!

    Tereza Maciano, January 16 2020

    My favorite button up of all time was a princess seam button up with woven cf and cb panels with jersey sf and sb panels and elastic gather jersey sleeves. It was so comfy at work! Never seen a pattern like that anywhere.

kayte, January 16 2020

Can’t wait for the English version of Dressed.
On the blog and website, I would like to see more tutorials for your patterns, like the ones that were incredibly helpful for Opium coat.

Tereza Maciano, January 16 2020

I’ve been in love with your patterns since I came across the Chardon and Belladone release photos! I love seeing your pieces that have unique details and feminine touches. I was so happy to see plus pattern versions come out for so many of your patterns. Please continue to include plus pdfs!
I am looking forward to the book in English as well.

Jennifer Sandoval, January 16 2020

Oh my gosh! Bless you and I hope you’re ok!! I was about to nag over the English version of your book, but now I feel bad:(

I remember when you first came out: I could only purchase from your shop OR in-person at a brick & mortar boutique. That made me want these exclusive patterns even more, so I went about buying all you had at the time!

I’d love for you to make a lined bomber jacket that isn’t cropped and actually provides some warmth. Perhaps a moto jacket or anorak with exposed zippers? Both lined, of course. I’d love another jumpsuit/romper, but more fitted and sexy. Knits are fabulous and I love that your jumpsuit is a knit!

I’m in love with Orangeuse’s backless/off-the-shoulder/strapless aesthetic. I don’t like PDFs all that much, because I don’t have a lot of time and sewing space to cut and tape. I really need a cutting table to prevent my kiddo from stepping on my work.

Sadly, I’m fortunate enough to have my own sewing room and yet I still can’t get the privacy or space I need. I’m pretty sure I forfeited privacy the second my husband and I decided to have a baby!

There’s a lined jacket you used to have. It was a longer length, closed with a zipper? I’d love for you to re-release it.

Sorry for the novel! I love D&D and I really want you to succeed and keep it going. I’m going to revisit Opium for spring. Perhaps I’ll make it in linen for a warm weather jacket.

Thank you so much!!

Jennifer Sandoval, January 16 2020

OMG. In my long diatribe, I forgot to add the content I’d like to see! I’d love for you to do more tutorials and sewalongs. Maybe even some postings on pattern hacks and help with pattern adjustments: broad back, full bust, protruding derrière, swayback, etc.

Catharine Bird, January 16 2020

I’d like to see a slacks pattern in a dressy woven.

Nichole Talbot, January 16 2020

I am so looking forward to the English translation of your book! The Luzerne trench is still one of my favorite all-time makes and I wear it as much as possible during fall and spring. I would like to see video tutorials from D&D. Your patterns are incredible and mostly geared for experienced sewists, so videos showing how to sew some of the more challenging parts your patterns would be helpful. Cheers to a wonderful 2020!

May Purney, January 16 2020

Cannot wait to get the book in USA, also would love some videos on your patterns or hacks.

Carolyn, January 16 2020

I’ve only made the Myosotis Dress because it was the only paper pattern that came close to my size. I would like to see the sizes extended and them made available in a paper pattern as well as pdf. I also agree with a commenter above who said they’d like to see versions of your patterns in your Insta Stories. There are loads of looks in the hashtags and take time to review…seeing some of the ones you admire would be helpful.

Emma, January 16 2020

Really excited to hear you’re doing the English books and can’t wait for new paper patterns 🙂

Jami Pulos, January 17 2020

I would really love if your patterns came in a larger size range! I want so badly to make all of your patterns, but am very large busted with lost of curves. I am also anxiously awaiting your book in English!

Emily, January 17 2020

Congratulations on the book and very pumped for the English version. Rather than jump into a project right away in 2020, I’m taking time to re-assess my work space and organize my materials. Speaking of, what’s the brand of your peg board thread holder? Rest, relax, come back energized. Your community, is, will be here ready to welcome you with open arms!

Marian, January 17 2020

Would love to see your patterns available in larger sizes. I’d really like to make the Magnolia dress but even the largest PDF size is still quite small.

Nicki, January 17 2020

I look forward to seeing what lovely things you’ll share with us this year. Personally, I’m looking forward to Dressed in English, and I hope you will release more patterns which can be dressed up for a business casual attire. I appreciate so much that many of your patterns are work appropriate for me. I really struggle to find indie patterns that are appropriate for my workplace, so I rely on your patterns to get me through.

Thandi Welman-Hawkes, January 18 2020

I wish that your patterns were available in a more inclusive size range.

Mahri, February 9 2020

Can’t wait for a more inclusive size range! I really hope you make this a top priority, over producing more patterns.

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