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Written by Eléonore
February 6 2020 | Inspiration

We mentioned it on the blog, 2020 will be the year of self-care for Deer&Doe!

So with Valentine’s day approaching and all the social pressure that comes with it, we figured you deserve a little selection to treat yourselves no matter your current romantic situation!


1 – “Sewist” necklace: This pretty gold- or silver-plated necklace from Closet Case Patterns will elegantly spotlight your favorite hobby.

2 – Safety pin earrings: Pretty and subtle, these gold-plated earrings let you pick both color and karats.

3 – Sewing hand enamel pin: This victorian-style enamel pin has a lovely vintage vibe.

4 – Safety pin bangle and ring: Separately or together, these silver rings and bangles definitely won’t go unnoticed.

5 – “DYI” enamel pin: Is your OOTD (outfit of the day) handmade? Announce it proudly with this hashtag enamel pin!

6 – Needle ring: Whether you engage in sewing or embroidery, wear your needle on your finger with this beautiful silver ring.

7 – Fabric lovers enamel ring: If you prefer sewing over chit chat, this enamel pin is perfect for you!

8 – Measuring tape bangle: This gold-plated measuring tape won’t be any help measuring your fabric, but it will adorn your wrist beautifully.

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