Announcing Dressed! Now Available as an Ebook in English + French

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August 6 2020 | Dressed, Pattern News

Dressed: Design and Sew the Wardrobe for You made its published debut in French back in November, and we are pleased to announce that the ebook version is now available for both our English and French readers!

Same book, same nine new patterns, and now instant gratification. Learn how to use color theory, analyze your body, understand fabric terminology, and use a few simple formulas to build the perfect capsule wardrobe for your unique tastes and lifestyle.

We first conceived of this book in 2017, when we found ourselves short on free time but with a desire to create a handmade wardrobe designed for daily life. The Dressed method was born, and we developed nine new beginner-friendly patterns to go with it. 

Ebook Publication

Dressed was originally published in November as a French-only paperback, with the intent to release the book in English shortly thereafter. We had a big dream to start our own publishing house, and while we enjoyed the launch greatly, it also opened our eyes to the book publication process. Something we did not anticipate was the sheer amount of logistics that go into self-publication, which include distribution, price negotiations, vendor management, shipping, and ordering, to name a few. This is all on top of actual printing, which became much more difficult in the spring of 2020.  

For the English release, we decided to change course and publish Dressed as an ebook instead. This has allowed us to shed the operational constraints that come with print publication so we can continue to best serve our customers, and avoid any further delay in the book’s release. Since both the book and patterns will be accessed together as PDFs, this creates a more cohesive experience for readers (as the patterns were always only available as PDFs). The information is all the same, the only change is how you’re accessing it.

What You’ll Learn

Dressed is designed in two parts, the method and the patterns, which you can read together or use independently. The method will help you understand how to build a capsule wardrobe that you’ll actually wear by analyzing your lifestyle, constraints, personal colors, and ideal style (both in terms of what you’d like to wear and what you actually feel comfortable in). There are worksheets to help you think through each step, as well as deep dives into color theory and how to select fabrics, so you will have the best odds of success in curating and designing your wardrobe.

The 9 patterns included in the book are streamlined, beginner-friendly basics in sizes 34 to 52, and include two variations for a total of 18 pattern options. Their simplicity allows them to fit within a wide range of styles and fill any gaps you might have in your pattern or wardrobe collection.  All but one of these patterns are dart and zipper-free, and they can each be hacked in many different ways (which we’ll cover more next week). We put a lot of effort and care in the cut and fit of each pattern, so they make beautiful garments as is, too.

The Patterns

Left to right, top to bottom :


Another bonus of this second release is that many French readers have already had the opportunity to read, learn from, and sew the patterns in Dressed. For each pattern there is an abundance of projects to peruse on Instagram, and we have received so much feedback from readers on what they enjoyed most about Dressed.

“This is the book I wish I had 4 years ago, when I decided to stop buying clothes and sew everything myself.”

“Now I know why I like sewing so much: sewing garments that I’m happy to wear every day, that are practical, flattering, and can be sewn in so many ways – feels like a super power (plus they are really easy to sew).”
– Justine

“[Dressed] is just the push I needed to take the leap in making clothes.”
– Annie

If you missed them the first time, here are some guest posts on our blog from readers reviewing Dressed:

We’re so thankful to all the people who worked with us on this book: Laura for her excellent translation work, our graphic designer Alexandra, our long-time photographers Will&Joan, the talented make-up artist Claire Gil, the Rascol online store who trusted us to showcase their fabrics, and our beautiful models Elodie, Olivia and Alima!

Click here to download Dressed. Happy Reading!

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Heather, August 6 2020

Are there any plans to release a physical English version at any point in the future?

    Sylvie, August 6 2020

    Unfortunately it is not feasible for us at the moment to print and distribute a paperback copy of the book in English. We put a lot of work into the ebook to make sure that it’ll be easy and fun to read, so hopefully you’ll like it

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