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August 12 2020 | Dressed, Featured Garments

Basics are the building blocks of wardrobes, and no closet is complete without them. Dressed will teach you how to plan your wardrobe, and provide you nine new Deer&Doe patterns designed with basics in mind.

These patterns can help you fill holes in your closet, or serve as a jumping off point for further design and experimentation. We have rounded up inspiration from fellow readers to help you take the Dressed patterns to the next level.

As is, the patterns included in Dressed will make elegant garments that can show off a statement print or emphasize the texture and drape of a nice fabric. We chose solid neutrals for the samples in Dressed so that it’s easier to project your own ideas and designs onto these patterns. You can stick to solids, or decide to highlight a fun textile instead. These patterns are the perfect option to experiment with embroidery, tie-dye, or show off a special print fabric.

Tropical print Dress from Ketty

But you don’t have to stop there – the beauty of basics is that they provide a great jumping off point for further design and pattern play. Once you have the proper fit dialed in, basics can serve as your pattern sloper, which is a custom-fitted pattern that can be used to develop many different styles. Depending on the complexity of your desired look, it is sometimes easier to hack a sloper already fitted to you, than to try and fit a brand new pattern (alternatively, you can use a sloper to indicate what adjustments you’ll need on a new pattern).

Some pattern hacks are simple, others are more complicated and will require in-depth tutorials to help you achieve your desired style. Any hack you choose will ultimately enhance your sewing skills and help you expand your sewing pattern imagination. Since the first release of Dressed back in November, many readers have taken these patterns and added easy but beautiful and unique details. If you want to customize your patterns, here are some the ideas to get you started:

Alter the hem length

The patterns in Dressed include lengthen and shorten lines to help you achieve the intended style no matter your height. However you can take this a step further to create a different look entirely. Try lengthening the Culottes pattern into full-length pants, or extending the Mockneck shirt to create a bodycon dress. In this photo, @atelierdesenami used the Button-Up Blouse and lengthened the bodice to create more of a tunic-style top.

Fabric blocking

Playing with color or contrast fabric is a fun way to play with any pattern (it is also great for scrap-busting). The skirt pattern would work well with pieced fabric scraps, or you could add a faux back yoke to the Blouse pattern. If you want to keep it simple, play with using contrast fabric on different pattern pieces, like Claire did by using lace for the Button-Up Blouse sleeves.

Statement Elastic

There is no rule that says you have to use casing to insert elastic. Lou & Jo opted out and instead used a soft golden elastic to accent her Atelier Brunette fabric. If you like the look of belts but want the comfort of elastic, this is an easy way to have the best of both.

Faux Dress or Jumpsuit

Enjoy the style of jumpsuits or dresses without sacrificing the comfort of separates. To create a faux jumpsuit like Maelenn, sew one of the tops and one of the bottoms from Dressed in the exact same fabric, and make sure to style with the top tucked in.

Change the Sleeve Style

Sleeves are just a suggestion, and as long you don’t alter the original seam line you can really do whatever you want. Keep it simple by adding long sleeves to a short sleeve pattern (like Mélanie did for the T-Shirt). If you are feeling trendy, go for something more dramatic, like adding a puff sleeve to the Blouse pattern.

Add Ruffles

Whether it’s the sleeve cap, the neckline, or the hem – ruffles are a fun detail to add almost anywhere to a pattern. We especially like ruffles added to the neckline of the Button-Up Blouse (like Anaïs did), but they also make a great addition to the hems of the Skirt, the Dress, or even the Mockneck top.

Swap Out Bodice Styles on a Dress

As long as the waist seam lines match, it is easy to mix and match different bodice and skirt styles when constructing a dress. One of the more popular Dressed hacks has been to use the Button-Up Blouse for the bodice of the Dress pattern, like this gorgeous version from Cloé.

Add Piping

Take a pattern from day to night by adding piping to the seams. This effect is simple to implement but will give your garment that classic and chic pajama style. Marie-Nicolas created a matching set using the Button-Up Blouse and Pants patterns from Dressed. She even added a cute pocket detail – another simple and easy hack for any pattern!

We hope that these hacks have left you inspired and given you ideas for taking your Dressed patterns to the next level. If you have other hack ideas you plan to try, please share below.

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