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Written by Eléonore
October 20 2020 | Acajou, Inspiration

With its high-waist, elasticated back, and rounded silhouette, the Acajou pants were designed with both style and comfort in mind. We wanted to create a pair of trousers that weren’t just comfortable enough to wear at home all day, but were also chic enough to return to everyday life.

In the spirit of transitions, we also wanted a design that could be worn more formally or casually, depending on how it was styled and which view was sewn. That is why View A features a more timeless design (made modern with a cocoon shape), while View B is more relaxed, featuring cargo-style pockets and elasticated cuffs. Both looks are comfortable, easy to fit, and can be worn seated for long periods of time – without sacrificing style or feeling put together everyday.


Choosing Fabric

Pants are fairly versatile when it comes to fabric choice, but it can also be tricky to make the correct selection, since what you choose can greatly impact the final result of the garment. In general, we recommend picking a fabric that is medium weight to avoid the potential problems of materials that are too light or heavy. This will ensure you end up with a pair of pants that is not too stiff, not too slouchy, and is comfortable to wear without being too sheer or bagging out.

Try not pick anything lighter than 180 g/m² or 5.5 oz. Anything lighter, like rayon or cotton poplin, does not have the structure needed to highlight the distinctive round design of the Acajou pants. When in doubt, lean towards heavier rather than lighter fabrics.

As far as drape, be careful not to pick anything that is very stiff and rigid, such as heavy and tightly-woven twills, which wouldn’t do justice to the pant legs. Fabrics that are just right include linens and wools, as well as cotton sateens and medium-weight cotton twills. For added comfort, you can also use blends that contain elastane/spandex, but in this case choose a heavier weight fabric to maintain some structure.

Finally, be mindful of the center front seam when you are choosing fabric prints and designs. Unless you want to go above and beyond with pattern-matching or design work, avoid large or geometric patterns which will be broken up in the Acajou’s seam lines.

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Whether you’re looking to dress up or down, the Acajou pants are the perfect design to carry you through the undeniably strange seasons of life this year. What will you be making first?

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