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Written by Eléonore
October 26 2020 | Acajou, Featured Garments

With each collection release, we know how important it is to see the new patterns made by different sewists, in varying styles and fabrics, and learn about their thoughts working with the pattern. We’ve reached out to five different sewing bloggers and asked them to share their honest reviews of the Acajou pants.

Thank you to Nisan, Joanne, Alexis, Parikha, and Oumou for taking the time to make and review the Acajou! We’ve included some photos and snippets of their reviews below, but we encourage you to visit their pages to read their full posts.

We love following Nisan‘s pant-making adventures on Instagram, and we are so proud to see the Acajou pants added to their collection. She made version A out of a dark gray gaberdine suiting, and decided to add belt loops – which not only allows them to pair it with belts, but is also a clever way to hide the elasticated back waist! It is styled here with the Mockneck pattern from Dressed.

I finished making [the Acajou pants] within the first couple of days of receiving the pattern, and I haven’t been able to take them off since! I absolutely LOVED the way the zip fly is constructed for these pants. The instructions were crystal clear, and I love how neat and precise the end result is . . . I might even ditch my previous beloved method in favour of this one!

Nisan of The Social Fabric

Joanne of Joanna Essentials made version A of the Acajou pants out of bottom-weight brushed twill, which provided the structure needed to maintain the cocoon-silhouette of the pants. She opted to create a hemmed facing to create extra length in the pants during construction, and has even written a separate tutorial explaining how to shorten metal zippers (eng).

I was delighted to make these cool cocoon shaped trousers! I knew they were going to fill a gap in my wardrobe of comfy chic stay at home pants. This pattern checks all the boxes . . . I will save this outfit for a night out with the hubby (will that ever happen again?) or a classic lunch with friends (I would love that!). I can also create a casual look with sneakers and a turtle neck for my normal day to day.

Joanne of Joanna Essentials

Alexis of The Real Alexis Bailey used a lighter weight corduroy to create version A of Acajou. She used the nap of the corduroy to create a fun effect with the center front seam, and made no alterations except deciding to install the waistband with a different method. It is styled here with a french tuck, perfect for highlighting the flat front and obscuring the elastic back.

The pants fit SO comfortably and great. They’re an easy wear and after finishing them I was in them all day and slightly forgot I had them on lol . . . I definitely recommend trying these pants out and making them a staple in your closet, I will definitely be making another pair especially since it’s rare that I find a pair of pants I can make without alterations.

Alexis of The Real Alexis Bailey

Parikha of @productbyprocess on Instagram made her version of Acajou from a dark blue tencel twill. This is a new silhouette for her, and we think she did a wonderful job!

i’m still getting used to the cocoon silhouette on me, but it looks amazing on all the other reviewers . . . the flat front and elasticized back is such a great way to allow fitting adjustments without a lot of fuss. they’re so, so comfortable, too.

Parikha of @productbyprocess

We are so honored that Oumou of Ma parenthèse used the Acajou pants to venture into the world of pant-making! These are her very first pair: version A made out of denim. She was going for a feminine, slouchy style and pulled it off to perfection. She details the whole adventure in her blog post (fr).

In sewing, preparation really makes the difference and in this case, it gave me confidence. I did not encounter any difficulties . . . the instructions and the illustrations are crystal clear . . . I am happy with the result and that I dared to take the plunge with Acajou. This will be my basic pattern for other pants, that’s for sure.

Oumou of Ma parenthèse

Thank you again to all of our creative and talented pattern reviewers. We are incredibly appreciative of their time spent reviewing the Acajou pants, and we hope that these photos have given you many ideas for your own versions of Acajou! Don’t forget to visit their full posts for more photos and details about their projects.

Note: Pattern Testers and Reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. Our reviewers featured in this blog did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase. Their feedback is based on the final version of the pattern only. In exchange for their honest review, they received an early copy of the finished pattern as well as a purchase credit for fabric and supplies. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism.

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