The Jacket: 5 Ways

Written by Camille
December 10 2020 | Dressed, Inspiration

Coat season is upon us, but in a year where we are collectively spending more time indoors than out, it is the perfect time to consider making a house coat or robe instead.

The Jacket from our ebook Dressed is the perfect option for a coat pattern that can be designed for a variety of contexts, depending on fabric choice. Here are five ideas to make The Jacket for a cozy but chic day at home:


A trendy name for a very functional garment – a coatigan falls somewhere between a cardigan and coat. It is perfect for days you need a little more warmth, but prefer the comfort of a lighter layer. Coatigans are great for days at home when you want to feel a little more put together, but they can transition nicely to office life as well. Recreate the look with a lightweight wool fabric.

Pajamas and Loungewear

‘Tis the season (or in this case, year) of loungewear, and there’s no reason The Jacket can’t work well as a loungewear piece or in a pajama set. Robes help your PJs transition from the bed to the living room, and they can provide much needed warmth on cold mornings. We recommend using a rayon fleece for loungewear, which will be soft, drape well, and keep you warm (although a lighter weight rayon would work well for the summer months, too).

Fluffy Bathrobe

What makes a bathrobe different from any other robe often comes down to fabric choice, and a heavyweight cotton chenille will provide the softness, absorbency, and loft needed for that perfect fluffy bathrobe. The basic seamlines of The Jacket are ideal for working with a thicker or trickier fabric, and the overall length can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. A nice bathrobe would also make a great handmade gift for the holidays (in which case we’d recommend sizing up to make sure it fits).

Linen Bathrobe

If toweling is not your preference, or you’d like a bathrobe more suited for travel or going to the pool, you could opt for a linen bathrobe instead. Despite its lighter weight, linen is surprisingly moisture wicking. It also takes less space (great for packing or general storage), and is often preferred for its lower environmental footprint. A linen robe could also double as a pajama or loungewear set if you made some coordinating pieces to go with it.

Boho Duster

Originally designed to protect clothes from dirt and dust while traveling, these days a duster simply refers to a long lightweight coat, often without buttons. Dusters are great for showing off a fun print, protecting your skin from the sun on a warm day, or keeping warm under the cool draft of an AC. To recreate this stylish look, use a bold print in a lightweight rayon or silk fabric, and skip the belt (optional).

And there you have it! These are a few (but definitely not all!) of the different ways you can style and have fun with The Jacket pattern. We hope these ideas have inspired you to consider sewing some comfortable and chic layering pieces. Which style is your favorite?

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Justina Hepburn-Gray, December 11 2020

I really like seeing all the different fabric suggestions and uses! I love Dressed and have actually put together the coat pattern today. Would you ever consider an add on pattern or tutorial for adding a lining? Or maybe a different collar option? I am planning on making a coatigan with buttons down the front instead of a belt. I love your patterns and blog, merci!!

    Sylvie, December 14 2020

    We do not plan to release add-ons for our patterns for the moment, but it should not be difficult to add buttons to the Jacket pattern.
    We would love to see your buttoned version, and it may interest other sewists 🙂

    Justina Hepburn-Gray, January 1 2021

    Thanks! I will definitely share it with you when finished. I have no experience with linings but I was wondering if you could answer a few questions. When I draft the lining, do I include all parts including the collar? Or just do the shell collar? and then when should I attach the lining, after I complete the entire shell jacket or before I complete the collar portion? Thank you so much 🙂

    Sylvie, January 4 2021

    You do not need to draft the lining of the collar, as it is folded.
    This tutorial on how to draft a lining may interest you: 🙂

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