Ready to practice your French? Join us for a live IG event with Pfaff France!

Written by Camille
April 16 2021 | Behind the Scenes

Tune in on April 20th, 2021 at 6 pm GMT +1 for our first-ever live Instagram event, co-hosted with Pfaff France! We’ll treat you to an early sneak peak of one of our upcoming patterns.

What can you expect? First and foremost, Eléonore will be joined by a Pfaff training rep and brand ambassador to reveal and discuss one of Deer&Doe’s upcoming spring pattern releases. This is the first time we’ve ever shared a pattern prior to launch, and we hope you’re as excited to see what we’ve been working on as we are to share it. We’ll have several samples for you to ooh and ahh, and Eléonore will discuss her inspiration behind the pattern design.

We’ll also be taking a tour of both the Pfaff and Deer&Doe headquarters, and announcing the details of an exciting sewing contest* we are co-hosting with Pfaff to celebrate the launch of our newest pattern collection. Last but certainly not least, we’ll be sharing a special gift exclusive to anybody who tunes into the event.  

How to Watch

The event will be aired live on Instagram on April 20th, 2021 at 6 pm GMT +1. Simply visit our Instagram profile and click on our profile picture to watch (you should see a pink and orange ring with the words “Live”). Keep in mind that you will need to be logged into an Instagram account in order to view the event. 

This event will be entirely in French—so feel free to dust off those old French textbooks and try following along, or skip the audio and just oooh and ahh at our soon-to-be-released pattern.

*Please note that due to local and international contest regulations, only mainland residents of France will be eligible to participate.

See you on April 20th!

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Lelex Shop, April 18 2021

Thank you so much what a fantastic blog. I’m looking 50 in the eye and I’m trying to be more confident with trying new t shirts. This really helped!

Tulsi, April 23 2021

I don’t speak french, but I had to log in and watch! It was so much fun, I hope you do another one soon!

Sylvie, April 23 2021

Merci !
You can also find it on YouTube now, and add automatic subtitles in English or other languages 🙂

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