Announcing the New Size Range Measurement Chart

Written by Camille

Our new expanded size dress forms have arrived at Deer&Doe headquarters! Today we want to show them off and announce our finalized measurement chart. Here is what we’ve been up to behind the scenes since we made our first announcement:

With drafting and grading rules defined, we are pleased to now share our final measurement chart! Our new size range will go up to a 58” / 147 cm bust measurement, and a 60” / 152 cm hip measurement. This was a point we received some very valuable feedback on in our initial announcement—a dialogue we appreciate and one that helped affirm for us how important a 60” / 152 cm hip measurement is.

As we previously announced, there will be a new block drafted for the expanded sizes. This means that we will have two distinct size ranges (34-48 and 46-60), and there will be two overlapping sizes in each range. Sewists who fall in sizes 46 and 48 will have the flexibility to select the block better suited to them. Both size ranges are included below for comparison.

Finalized Measurement Charts (cm)

Sizes 34-48 (cm)3436384042444648

Sizes 46-60 (cm)4648505254565860

Finalized Measurement Charts (in)

Sizes 34-48 (in)3436384042444648
Bust31 ⅞33 ½3536 ⅝38 ¼39 ¾41 ⅜43 ¾
Waist23 ⅝25 ¼26 ¾28 ⅜29 ⅞31 ½33 ⅛35 ⅜
Hip33 ⅞35 ⅜3738 ⅝40 ⅛41 ¾43 ¼45 ⅝

Sizes 46-60 (in)4648505254565860
Bust41 ⅜43 ¾46 ⅛48 ⅜50 ¾53 ⅛55 ½57 ⅞
Waist33 ⅛35 ⅜37 ¾40 ⅛42 ½44 ⅞47 ¼49 ⅝
Hip43 ¼45 ⅝4850 ⅜52 ¾55 ⅛57 ½60

If you fall into sizes 34-52 you may notice that the new bust measurements are slightly larger now (around 1 cm for sizes 34 to 46) and that measurements for sizes 48 to 52 have changed. This was done to better align our block with current international measurement standards. Before starting any project, we always recommending double checking your own measurements against the pattern’s own measurement chart to ensure you are selecting the right size.

New Dress Forms

The arrival of our two new dress forms was an exciting day at Deer&Doe. Between the professional details of the form and the lovely texture, they are a delight to work with and we are looking forward to developing on them. We have one specifically to draft and test the new block (size 52 FR / US 20), and another to ensure fit and ease are standardized across both ranges (size 40 FR / US 8).   

A Call for Testers

Last but not least, we are now looking for testers in the new size range! Our pattern development process happens entirely in French (you can read more about that here), so please keep in mind that we can only accept French-speaking testers. If you are interested and a French speaker, please fill out this form here

With the measurement chart ready and new dress forms acquired, we are ready to dive into pattern development on the Sirocco jumpsuit in earnest. If you want to stay up to date exclusively on our expanded size range, you can sign up for our newsletter here (we promise we won’t spam you with marketing about our 34-48 size range). 

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Laura, May 13 2021

Merci, for the new sizes.

Marsee, May 13 2021

Thank you!

Carol Lippincott, May 13 2021

carollippincott@msn.comhank you! The work in developing these patterns is very appreciated! Just cannot wait to see the beautiful releases!

Peter Mueller, May 13 2021

Now can we have a size range for petites andpetite plus? For those uner 5’4″….

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