Orchidée Video Sewalong

Written by Camille
June 11 2021 | Ochidée, Sewalongs

We are very excited to announce a special paid collaboration with Bérangère of Couture et Paillettes: an Orchidée video sewalong! Bérangère always does a wonderful job filming pattern sewalongs, and we knew she’d be the perfect fit to show everybody how to sew the Orchidée dress

This is a three-part Youtube series that will walk you through each step of sewing this pattern. The first video covers the bodice and lining, the second video covers the skirt and closures, and the third video is all about finishing the sleeves. You can watch them all straight through to see the entire dress construction, or pick and choose based on which step you’d like to review (the videos correspond to steps 1-3 in the pattern instruction booklet). The audio is in French, but don’t worry—captions are available in English and French so there’s no reason everybody can’t follow along. 


Step 1: Bodice

Step 2: Skirt and Closures

Step 3: Sleeves

Thank you so much Bérangère! Now you are ready to sew your own beautiful Orchidée!

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Jane, June 13 2021

Can you do a blog post where you show how to make the bridal button loops? This video tutorial skipped that part by just using store-bought bridal loops, which isn’t very helpful.

    Sylvie, June 14 2021

    Hi Jane!
    Don’t worry: Bérangère will make a video tutorial on how to make the bridal button loops soon. Thanks for your patience 🙂

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