Backstage: We’ve Moved!

Written by Eléonore
July 21 2021 | Behind the Scenes

This year has been a busy one for the Deer&Doe team. In addition to our normal pattern release schedule, preparing for our upcoming size expansion, a summer visit from Camille, we also moved into a new sewing studio!

You may remember when we moved into our first office back in 2018, located in a really neat creative co-working space called l’Espace Eclair. We’ve had a wonderful (almost) three years there, meeting and learning from other local creatives, designing and releasing some of our most popular patterns yet, and watching both our brand and the workspace community grow significantly in just a few short years. 

In fact, the time came sooner than expected that we needed even more space. I was so pleased to find this new spot only a few buildings away from home—just a one minute walk! There was a bit of work to be done to get it move-in ready (installing internet fiber and painting the walls, to start . . .), but now that we’re settled in it’s been a big upgrade.

One of my favorite features about the new office is that it’s located on the ground floor, which means we get to enjoy a lovely outdoor patio. It brings in a lot of light and I have my desk oriented so that I can look out during the day.

The space is also quite a bit bigger, so there’s plenty of room for our A0 printer, both of our Alvanon dress forms, and a desk for Camille to use when she is in France. Not to mention our samples, machines, and all the supplies needed to draft and sew our patterns. 

Speaking of Camille, she was able to finally visit for the first time since lockdown started in April of 2020. It was a lovely trip filled with some work and plenty of play. We carved out a day to take stock and review all of our processes at Deer&Doe—what’s going well, what needs tweaking, and forecasting for the year ahead. We were also able to celebrate my birthday together in June! A first in many years.

All in all, the move has been a great change and it is so nice to finally feel settled into the new space. We’ll be spending the upcoming months testing and finalizing both Sirocco (in the new size range), and our next new pattern release. Stay tuned for more updates on both of those projects.

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Lydia, July 22 2021

Congrats, D&D team! What a lovely new workspace. Can’t wait to see the new pattern release! You all make my favorite patterns.

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