#Outfit# Eléonore’s Acajou Pants

Written by Eléonore
September 29 2021 | Acajou, Featured Garments

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I’ve shared an outfit post, but I’m so pleased with my recent pair of Acajou pants, I thought they deserved their own spotlight on the blog.

With cooler weather rapidly approaching, I really wanted to sew a pair of trousers that could mix and match easily with my wardrobe. Keeping it simple, I went with Version A in a nice and neutral black fabric. The fabric is a wool elasthane—super comfy and very cozy!

I’m pretty chuffed with the results, and as you can see from my mini photoshoot above, these Acajous integrate quite nicely with the rest of my wardrobe. I’ve had these planned for over a year now, and I’m excited to finally have them and enjoy them for the season ahead.

Which outfit is your favorite look?

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Linda (ACraftyScrivener), September 29 2021

Goodness to pick one? The one with the long coat. Or the one with the brogues. I really like the striped shirt look and the grey sweater as well. Whoops, was that more than one?

Alison, October 14 2021

Impossible to pick just one but I particularly like the pairing with the grey sweater and the one with the colourful top and denim jacket.

Ann, October 14 2021

Oh definitely the first one with the black shirt
Although they all look amazing!

Bettye P Ames, October 14 2021

I like the long coat look best. The two looks with matching black tops are also very much my style.

Francis Berryhill, October 14 2021

I love the grey top. Is that your pattern too?

    Sylvie, October 15 2021

    Thanks! It is the Neige pattern 🙂

Alison Kirk, October 15 2021

Loving the versatility! Each outfit looks beautiful and the first looks like a jumpsuit which I like as trousers are much easier to get to the loo! I love a long jacket/coat and a colourful top so really you have inspired me to make a pair 🙂

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