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Written by Eléonore
May 5 2022 | Hysope, Inspiration

Yesterday we introduced you to the Genêt pants and shorts, today we want to focus on the Hysope crop top!

Designed for beginners who want to learn new skills and go on a fun sewing journey, Hysope is a beautifully proportioned crop top perfect for hot summer days. The deceptive simplicity of this design makes it easy to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe, but the unique side button bands elevate this top to something special. Extra attention was given to the armholes on this top: the lines are just right, it’s comfortable, and is drafted without gapes in any size.

We also went all out with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations. There are so many sewing techniques to discover, like darts, interfacing, staystitching, understitching, hems, facings, bias bound armholes, and of course . . . buttonholes! For beginners and intermediate sewists alike, this is a project you can tackle with confidence for gorgeous results.

Choose from a soft round neckline or a delicate v-neck—no zipper makes this easy to sew, easy to wear, and easy to fit! Hysope is perfect for pairing with any high-waisted skirt like Brume or Azara, or our pants pattern Genêt. Read on for more style inspiration and our fabric selection tips:

Fabric Recommendations

When it comes to selecting fabric, you’ll want to pick a fabric with enough body to maintain the shape of the sides and silhouette of the pattern. The side button plackets can become thick quickly, so look for textiles that are labeled very light to light weight (up to 200g/m²). We recommend sticking to natural fibers for a summer top (cotton, linen, viscose, and silk), which will keep the top breathable and comfortable. 

We love Hysope for using up those smaller yardages in your stash, or enjoying easy to sew fabrics like cotton lawn!

Relaxed & Elegant

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For a more relaxed vibe, choose a viscose or silk blend, tencel, or fine cotton sateen. Keep in mind that a pure viscose or silk runs the risk of being too soft for the shape; a blend with another fiber or a tight weave is preferable. You’ll also want to make sure to interface the button bands to stiffen them and prepare them for the buttonholes (even if it means using a softer type of interfacing like tricot). 

Textured & Rustic

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Linen, linen-viscose, batiste, and poplin will give Hysope a modern and rustic feel while maintaining its beautiful silhouette. Cotton batiste or poplin will be the easiest to sew and are perfect for beginners. Linen can also be very beginner-friendly, but beware of very loose weaves which are softer and more difficult to sew.

Patterns & Colors

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Why not go a little bolder with a large or small scale print? The proportions of Hysope lend itself to all scales of prints and patterns, and the straight sides and hem are perfect for geometric patterns like stripes or gingham. It’s a great opportunity to practice your pattern-matching skills!

Click to shop for the Hysope PDF pattern in sizes 34-48 or 46-60. Tomorrow we’ll round out this series with a closer look at the Fougère overshirt. In the meantime, which style moodboard is your favorite?

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