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Written by Camille
May 10 2022 | Featured Garments, Genêt

The reviews are in! Prior to every collection release, we ask different sewists to try out our patterns and share their honest opinions. This allows you to see the garment in varying styles and fabrics, and get a better idea from our reviewers of what it will be like to work with the pattern. Today, we are sharing the first review roundup of our new collection: the Genêt pants (available in sizes 34-48 and 46-60)!

We’ve included some review highlights below, but we encourage you to visit everybody’s full posts for more photos and information. Thank you to Annika, Gwen, Nisan, and Ninah for taking the time to review Genêt! 

We’re longtime fans of Annika (@frau.a.w), so you can imagine our delight when she agreed to review not one, but all three patterns from our new collection. Her style is modern and effortless, and we can’t get enough of the way she’s able to mix and match separate pieces. Here she is in the Hysope blouse and of course, Genêt pants.

I sewed patterns from Deer and Doe for the first time and have not regretted it. All patterns are well thought out, the instructions are easy to understand and the fit is perfect for me. The pants fit perfectly despite the width. I sewed a twill from Merchant and Mills with a velvety feel . . . . [b]ut I can also imagine a light summery one very well.

Annika of @frau.a.w

Gwen (@gwenstella.made) has a retro and bubbly look we adore, and we love her vintage take on the Genêt shorts! This is a pattern that can be made into an endless variety of styles depending on the fabric choice. Speaking of fabric, Gwen made these shorts from fabric that she designed and had customed printed at Spoonflower! 😲

High-waisted and FULL OF DETAILS. I love a sewing pattern that’s simple and yet challenges my skills.

Overall, I really enjoyed making the Genêt Pants and Shorts. I think it’s a great sewing pattern for a confident beginner who wants to make a wardrobe staple and work on new sewing techniques.

Gwen of gwenstellamade.com

It’s no secret we adore everything Nisan (@the.social.fabric) does, so of course we had to ask her to review the entire collection. Luckily for us, she said yes! This is her take on the Genêt shorts, lengthened into a bermuda style and adorned with additional belt loops just cuz’.

They are so comfortable yet so classic and elegant, I enjoy wearing them and styling them so much! They look great with oversized linen shirts, simple tees, and of course the Hysope top 🙂 These shorts / pants also feature the classic, massive pocket bags I lovingly associate with Deer and Doe patterns, making them super functional as well as beautiful.

Nisan of thesocialfabric.net

Last but not least, we have Ninah of (@ninaahbulles), who made her pair of Genêt pants in a fluid chambray denim. These have a casual but elegant workwear vibe, and we’re big fans of how Ninah has paired it with a dressier blouse.

It’s amazing the ways we can change and evolve. A year ago, I would never have imagined wearing this type of pants, and today I love them. A loose fit, elegant and comfortable.

I found Genêt to be a more difficult pattern, because it includes a lot of technical skills like the welt back pockets, different types of darts and pleats, and the sewing of a fly. But the accompanying instructions are very well written, and the steps are described in detail with clear and easy to read diagrams.

Ninah of blog.ninaah.com

As always, we are so impressed and inspired by our team of reviewers. Thank you again to everybody for taking the time to sew and review the Genêt pants (available in sizes 34-48 and 46-60). Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we’ll be sharing reviews for the Hysope blouse!

Note: Pattern Testers and Reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. Our reviewers featured in this blog did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase. Their feedback is based on the final version of the pattern only. In exchange for their honest review, they received an early copy of the finished pattern as well as a purchase credit for fabric and supplies. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism.

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