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Written by Camille
May 11 2022 | Featured Garments, Hysope

Yesterday we shared reviews of the Genêt pants, today is all about the Hysope blouse (available in sizes 34-48 and 46-60)! We’ve invited seven talented sewists to share their honest opinions about this pattern.

We’ve included some review highlights below, but we encourage you to visit everybody’s full posts for more photos and information. Thank you to Elodie, Wendy, Jessica, Laurence, Nisan, Lorraine, and Annika for taking the time to review Hysope! 

First up, we have Elodie (@elodieblueberry)! You may recognize Elodie from some of our previous photoshoots like the Dressed ebook. She is a great friend of ours and it’s always a joy to collaborate with her on our projects. Elodie tested a very early version of this pattern years ago, and we’re very glad to have her reviewing the final version of the Hysope blouse now!

As usual, the steps are very well explained and I had no difficulty sewing the top. Of course, compared to my beginner days in sewing, I have a lot more experience and I no longer consider myself a beginner, so I give you my feelings based on my current skill level. I followed all the assembly steps proposed in the instruction booklet, without changing anything, and I sewed the round neck version without any modification. Being used to Deer and Doe patterns, I didn’t do a muslin because it didn’t seem essential to me, and I’m delighted with the fit which is exactly as I imagined it.

Elodie of elodieblueberry.fr

Our new collection meets cottage core with this Hysope blouse from Wendy (@bbreath.designs). Wendy used a cotton eyelet and added adorable sleeve ruffles to create this romantic look. Unfortunately her dog Noodle doesn’t come with the pattern, but we are in love!

[T]he only thing I changed on the pattern itself is lowering the armhole by 1/4 inches, adding a full lining, and scalloped ruffles to the armhole. Overall, this pattern was very beginner friendly and had it finished in under 6 hours. I love the cropped length[!]

Wendy of @bbreath.designs

We love being delightfully surprised by our reviewers’ fabric selections, and this jacquard Hysope blouse from Jessica (@jessica_deiana_) is no exception! The structure of the fabric really highlights the boxy silhouette of the top, and the contrast button band is such a cute way to make that detail pop!

I love crop tops and this one is no exception! It fits at exactly the right bust height and the little side details give it a very original touch. The pattern is intended for drapey fabrics but since I am stubborn I still opted for a jacquard. 😅 I really like the result. In terms of sewing, it really is no difficulty. I think it can even be an excellent first project to start sewing clothes. 

Jessica of @jessica_deiana_

You will probably also recognize Laurence (@pimsycouddestrucs), who is a regular on our new pattern review panels. She has such a creative sense of style and photography, and we always love seeing what pattern hacks she comes up with! She did not leave us disappointed, and for her review she opted to make two versions of the Hysope blouse—one as is, and another with the addition of statement sleeves.

Beginners will be delighted because this is a simple pattern, perfectly accessible, and one which leaves a lot of room for improvisation. The cropped hem makes Hysope totally in line with current trends. The PDF pattern is impeccable, assembly was quick and I very much enjoy using the layers feature to select and print my size. It’s a project that doesn’t consume much fabric and is perfect for smaller pieces. The assembly was easy and I found the explanations clear.

Laurence of pimsycouddestrucs.fr

Nisan (@the.social.fabric) is back with her review of the Hysope blouse (head to yesterday’s post if you missed the Genêt reviews). Nisan squared the shoulders and moved the bust darts to achieve this incredible fit, and her top pairs perfectly with her Genêt shorts! We love the simplicity of the white linen fabric paired with a pop of contrast in the darker buttons.

I really like it when patterns that are marked as being beginner friendly don’t rely on using an overlocker to achieve a clean finish on the inside, and the Hysope was a great example of this! The pattern only instructs the sewist to overlock or zigzag the shoulder seams and the free edges of the neckline facings, both of which can be easily substituted with other methods . . . The finished piece is an elevated basic that will be a life saver in the dead of the summer, as it feels really floaty and cooling in this linen!

Nisan of thesocialfabric.net

Here we have Lorraine (@the.sewcialite) with her gingham Hysope, one of our favorite suggested fabric pairings for this top. The stable weave is a breeze to sew, and the straight button bands make this top a great opportunity to play with pattern matching!

[Hysope] was a quick and enjoyable sew. The pattern came together beautifully, and all the notches and edges matched up nicely. I made it in the celery linen gingham from The Fabric Store, and it was the perfect weight for this top. The instructions for the two side button plackets were very clear, and I felt they would be easy enough for beginner sewers to understand.

Lorraine of @the.sewcialite

Last but not least for today’s Hysope roundup, we are back with another review from Annika (@frau.a.w). Everything from her fabric choices, the color of her buttons, down to her accessories really add sophistication to this otherwise simple look!

The shirt is simply casual, goes with every style and is an absolute must-have this year. You can wear it anywhere. I sewed a linen fabric that for me is simply part of summer and gives the shirt a bit of lightness.

Annika of (@frau.a.w)

We hope you are feeling inspired by this fabulous roundup! Thank you again to everybody for taking the time to sew and review the Hysope blouse (available in sizes 34-48 and 46-60). Tomorrow we’ll be sharing reviews for the last pattern of our new collection, the Fougère overshirt!

Note: Pattern Testers and Reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. Our reviewers featured in this blog did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase. Their feedback is based on the final version of the pattern only. In exchange for their honest review, they received an early copy of the finished pattern as well as a purchase credit for fabric and supplies. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism.

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