A New Way to Purchase Patterns

Written by Camille
June 2 2022 | Pattern News, The Patterns

We’re excited to announce that we’re offering a new way to purchase PDF patterns!

The recent Spring-Summer launch marked a lot of firsts for Deer&Doe: our first new collection with two size ranges, our first PDF-only collection, and our first time trying a new pricing model. We’ve since received an enormous amount of feedback on these changes . . . some positive, some not-so positive, but all of it extremely informative. 

While many of our customers enjoy the ability to purchase both size ranges at once, many of you have also expressed a desire to purchase just one size band at a lower cost. We’ve decided to add an additional cart option for these extended patterns, and updated our pricing accordingly:

  • A single size range will cost 12 € 
  • Both size ranges (called bundles) will continue to cost 14 €

Under each product listing, you will now find three buttons to direct you to your chosen size option. We hope that this new offering will give you the flexibility to choose a size range (or ranges) that suit your needs and your budget best.

Thank you as always for your continued support, and happy sewing!

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Anemone, June 3 2022

This is fantastic, thank you so much for providing this option!

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