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Written by Camille
October 31 2022 | Circée, Inspiration

Last week did a deep dive on Orage, and today we are back to discuss all things Circée! Read on to learn the inspiration behind the design, what variations are included in the pattern, and see our list of suggested fabrics.

Style Inspiration

Special occasion dresses are our bread and butter at Deer&Doe, and this season we wanted to create something that would mix the softness and femininity of a long gown with the power and elegance of structured lines. There is nothing more timeless than the silhouette of a wrap dress, but the strong straight lines of this design give Circée a modern twist.

Whether you’re wearing the dress variation or the skirt, Circée is also surprisingly comfortable and, in our humble opinion, perfect for fall. The sleeve vents and wrap keep the arms and legs covered while still allowing the body to move freely. Can you believe this is our first true wrap dress?

The Views

Version A (the dress): This collection’s showstopper, the dress variation features statement sleeves and a beautiful neckline that doesn’t gape. The wrap overlap provides good coverage and is closed with a tie and hidden button, while the vented sleeve includes mitered corners for an extra polished finish.

Version B (the skirt): Closed with two buttons, this version adds some true versatility to the Circée pattern. You can wear it for almost any occasion and for every season, from a flowy statement maxi to a cute and everyday knee-length skirt.

Selecting a Fabric

Designed for fabrics with some body, Circée is perfect for cotton lawns, crepes, and rayon poplins. If you are looking for a softer silhouette, you can also choose a fabric with some drape like rayon challis or lyocell twill. When it comes to selecting a print or color, have fun experimenting to achieve different vibes! We love a solid color for an office “power dressing” moment, delicate floral prints for brunch or a party, or even white for a stunning wedding dress.

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We put a lot of thought into the wrap closure to make sure this design is practical, elegant, and secure. The finishes are delicate and the the construction steps have been designed to maintain a streamlined look throughout. Even better? The button and tie closure means this pattern is easier to sew than it looks, thanks to the lack of fiddly zippers.

We’ve already seen some gorgeous renditions of Circée since its release, and we can’t wait to see more of your beautiful versions in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for our post later this week to highlight our team of pattern reviewers.

Have you grabbed your copy of Circée yet? Our anniversary celebration is still going strong, which means you can purchase Circée, Orage, or any of our other patterns for 15% off from now until November 24th.

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