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October 28 2022 | Featured Garments, Orage

It’s that time again! Prior to every collection release, we ask different sewists to try out our patterns and share their honest opinions. This allows you to see the garment in varying styles and fabrics, and get a better idea from our reviewers of what it will be like to work with the pattern. Today, we are sharing the first review roundup from our new collection: the Orage dress, top, and skirt.

We’ve included some review highlights below (8 in total!), but we encourage you to visit everybody’s full posts for more photos and information. Thank you to Ninah, Céline, Sara, Sara K, Agathe, Sylvia, Basma, and Sophie for taking the time to review Orage!

Up first we have Ninah of @ninaahbulles, who you may remember from last season when she reviewed the Genêt pants. For her version of Orage, Ninah choose to make the square neck top (variation B) with long sleeves (variation A). The beautiful finish and elegant shape of the square neckline really transform this everyday top into something special, don’t you agree?

Next we have Céline of @celie_li, who choose to make the Orage dress (variation A) with the square neckline (variation B) in a size 36 (one size down from her measurements). She chose the ideal fabric with this ribbed tencel jersey, and we love the light color to honor the colder seasons.

Orage is a dress that is both simple and refined. In just a few stitches, we end up with a garment that is feminine, accentuates the waist, and feels very flattering. As for printing the PDF (and saving paper!), I love that the neckline and sleeve variations are integrated into one piece so you only need to print once.

I think it’s safe to say this is my new favorite dress! Soft, comfortable, and elegant . . . perfect for this fall.

Celine of @celie_li

We first came across Sara of @fabric_scraps when she made a fabulous version of the Sirocco jumpsuit, so we were very excited when she agreed to review Orage for us! Sara made the dress (variation A) in a size 52, graded out to size 58 in the waist, hips, and sleeves. We’re so impressed with the great fit she achieved, and can’t wait to see the version she has planned for the holidays.

To be honest, at first glance the Orage dress is not my go to style but . . . I [am] super happy I took the risk. I was very intrigued by the neckline and the skirt shape and let me tell you, it’s easier than you think. Minimal effort, high impact!

The pattern came together super fast and the instructions were detailed and easy to follow. I love how swishy it is without excessive fabric and the low/high hem detail – it’s so much fun!

Sara of @fabric_scraps

Not be confused with Sara above, Sara K is our next reviewer who you may recognize from her Youtube channel Sewing Therapy. We love following Sara for her beautiful projects and helpful Youtube sewalongs . . . and she did not disappoint with this version of Orage! Sara chose to make her version with the mock neckline (variation A), 3/4 sleeves (variation B), and separate skirt (variation D). The result is two pieces that can be worn together or separate for a variety of styles, some of which you can check out on her Reel here.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may think that the Orage is not my usual style. With the seasons changing, I have been looking for something different, something different that’s stylish even under all the coats I’ll have to be wearing soon . . . Deer and Doe approached me with the Orage Pattern and I knew it would be perfect. Right away the vent got my attention! I’ve never tried one before and knew it was time to give it a try! I chose to make the View A top with skirt and I have plans to make the other two tops to match with this beautiful skirt.

Sara K of @yoursara_k

Agathe of @agathe_bigandbeautiful is another first time reviewer to join our team, and we were especially happy to see that she chose to pair the Orage crop top (variation C) with the skirt (variation D). This particular pairing isn’t one we happened to shoot with our samples, but it’s a super chic combo we are very excited about! Agathe made three pieces in total from this pattern, which you can see all of (in motion!) here.

Today, I’m wearing my first crop top and I feel hot in it! The fit emphasizes my waist, accentuates my bust, and contrary to what you might think, is extremely comfortable!

As far as the pattern itself is concerned, both the skirt and the crop top are surprisingly easy. There are only a few pieces, a few seams to sew, and very clear explanations . . . The cons of this pattern? There are none!

Agathe of @agathe_bigandbeautiful

Sylvia of @theravelout never fails to stun us with her gorgeous makes and bold use of color, so we knew we had to have her back after she reviewed Fougère for us earlier this year. She choose to make the dress (variation A) with the square neckline (variation B) . . . which happens to be a favorite on the Deer&Doe team too. 😘 She used a ponte knit and left the hem raw to quite a nice effect, but be mindful of the stretch percentage if you decide to opt for ponte (and size up if you need to).

I was drawn to the pattern mainly because of the shape of the skirt. Knit dresses typically tend to have straight skirts so I love that this goes in a different direction. I [also] love the square neckline a lot and will make a few more tops and dresses using that version

This pattern also gets points for versatility. It is always nice to buy a pattern and have multiple versions as a base. This one has a dress, skirt, top, and crop top all in one, giving us a wider range for hacking to suit our style. That’s a win in my books.

Sylvia of @theravelout

You may remember Basma of @basmashimmies from our Sirocco release last year, and she has wowed us again with this incredible rendition of the Orage dress (variation A)! She used the perfect fabric for this pattern and created the exact garment we imagine when we suggest Orage as an elegant party dress.

Seriously, I think my actual sewing time was slightly over an hour.  I honestly think it took me longer to assemble the pattern than it did for me to actually sew this dress. 

The front bodice in this range has some built-in fullness to accommodate the wearer’s bust, so it’s a little longer than the back bodice.  I prefer the cutout to be a little larger, so I trimmed the front bodice to be the same length as the back bodice. The resulting dress is marvelous!  The cutout is sexy without being too provocative and the dress’s silhouette is so flattering.  I can’t wait to try out the other pieces of the pattern. 

Basma of @basmashimmies

Last but not least, we have Sophie of @ladysewing.ca, who first caught our eye earlier this year with her stunning Opium coat. Like Agathe, Sophie opted to pair the crop top with the skirt variation, and the results speak for themselves. The top is a bamboo jersey and the skirt is a viscose jersey, both great options for Orage!

Hang on! This wonderful brand has surprised us again with a versatile and super comfortable pattern. I am, I believe, on my 4th pattern from Deer&Doe and each time it is a real pleasure. Clear instructions and great illustrations . . . you can’t go wrong.

I love the originality of the long skirt and its unusual hem. It’s so fun to turn in, but fabric choice is essential for achieving this movement in photos. You all know my love for easy, all-purpose, and timeless patterns, and Orage is definitely part of the lot.

Sophie of @ladysewing.ca

As always, we are so impressed and inspired by our team of reviewers. Thank you again to everybody for taking the time to sew and review the Orage dress, top, and skirt (available in sizes 34-60). Don’t forget that you can grab Orage for 15% off until November 24th, along with the rest of our pattern library.

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be sharing inspiration, fabric recommendations, and reviews for the Circée dress and skirt!

Note: Pattern Testers and Reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. Our reviewers featured in this blog did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase. Their feedback is based on the final version of the pattern only. In exchange for their honest review, they received an early copy of the finished pattern as well as a purchase credit for fabric and supplies. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism.

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