Myosotis Fabric Recommendations 2.0

Written by Eléonore
October 13 2023 | Inspiration, Myosotis

Myosotis is here in a new size range! Since it’s been over five years since we originally published this pattern, we thought it was time to share some new fabric recommendations. Here they are!

Loose and comfortable, Myosotis is the perfect dress to layer up in the fall or twirl in the spring sunshine. It’s suitable for a wide variety of woven fabrics, so let’s take a look at the best fabrics to use to showcase its gathers and ruffles!

Version A:

The ruffles of this variation are best suited to a lightweight fabric with some body, which will help the sleeves keep a nice volume. Our go-to is cotton: lawn, chambray, lightweight sateen, swiss dot, gingham, seersucker, or flannel . . . the possibilities are endless! Linen will work as well, but make sure to select one that isn’t too heavy or fluid, which could make this dress look deflated. 

This version of Myosotis has a dramatic silhouette, but fabric choice will go a long way to making it complement your own wardrobe. For a modern look, try using stripes or plaid to contrast with the ruffles. Alternatively, a broderie anglaise or floral print will bring out its romantic side.


Version B:

Without the ruffles, version B offers even more options. Unlike version A, a fluid fabric will work beautifully with this version, and the dress will have a very different feel whether it’s made out of cotton, rayon, or blended fiber. You can also use the gathered skirt to experiment with border prints or embroidered fabrics.

So in addition to the fabrics recommended for version A, consider using rayon! Try opting for a  rayon twill or crepes rather than a challis, as the latter tends to be woven very loosely and the formers have a nicer hand. We also have a soft spot for linen and rayon blends, which combine the breathable properties of linen with the lovely drape of rayon. Fluid lightweight cotton fabrics, such as double gauze or cotton voile, are also great choices.


Don’t forget you can grab Myosotis and the rest of our extended pattern library for 30% off this week!* What will you be using for your Myosotis dress?

*Offer valid from October 12, 2023 6:00 AM GMT+1 to October 20, 2023 12:00 PM GMT+1 for individual orders only. No coupon code required. Gift vouchers are excluded.

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Marleen BONTE, October 17 2023

Dear DEER and DOE, October 17, 2023
Re.: “In addition to Myosotis, we’re celebrating this re-release with 30% off ALL patterns in our extended library*.
I tried to order the PDF pattern of OPIUM COAT before October 20th, but the 30% didn’t work out. Can you help??
Kind regards,

    Sylvie, October 17 2023

    Hi Marleen,
    Unfortunaly, the discount cannot work for the Opium pattern as it is not part of our extended library.
    Here is the list of the patterns in our extended library: Myosotis, Eucalyptus, Camélia, Orage, Circée, Fougère, Hysope, Genêt, and Sirocco.

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