Choosing fabric for Zéphyr

Written by Eléonore
March 18 2016 | Inspiration, Zéphyr

After Mélilot and Lupin, we are going to review knit fabrics to use to make the Zéphyr dress!

Zéphyr is a structured knit dress, and it needs fabric with a good body. Forget about thin rayon and bamboo knits and loose cotton t-shirt fabric: What you need is a stable knit, like scuba, ponte, or cotton-spandex!

To achieve the best result, we recommend to use a knit with a good recovery, which means one that goes back to its original shape after being stretched out (to learn more, check out or post about how to choose knit fabric!). Your fabric also needs to have at least 40% stretch to work with this pattern, so be careful as that’s not the case with some thick knits 😉 .


1234* – 5* – 6789

For the crop top variation (version C) of Zéphyr, you can also use a technical knit and make a sports top: think of all the color-blocking possibilities!


In what fabric are you going to make your own Zéphyr dress? What is your favorite look: glamorous, sportswear, or modern?

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