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Written by Eléonore
March 11 2016 | Lupin, The Patterns

After looking at a dress and a shirt, we complete our spring wardrobe with the Lupin jacket!


Lupin is a short casual jacket that involves many different techniques… but don’t be scared of the lining and welt pockets! All our pattern-testers said so: sewing Lupin is fun and very accessible 🙂

Hybrid between Letterman and double-breasted motorcycle jackets, Lupin has two large draped panels on the front and optional shoulder tabs that add a bit of sophistication, while the waistband and cuffs keep it sportswear. Depending of your fabric choice, it can give a very different feel, as shown by our two prototypes!

Testers’ versions



What do you think of these different interpretations of Lupin? Which one is your favorite, retro or urban?

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Faye Lewis, March 11 2016

Thanks a lot, now I’ll have this dog gone Lupin stuck in my head all day long!

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