#Featured# Chardon skirts by Bee Made

Written by Camille
April 15 2016 | Chardon, Featured Garments

We love to see our patterns sewn in lots of different ways. French blogger Barbara from Bee Made had us drool over her five versions of the Chardon skirt, so we asked her a few questions…

For those who still don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been a blogger for four years, but creating and making things with my own hands (sewing, knitting, crochet) has been a part of my life forever! I started sewing for my dolls when I was seven or eight, then clothes for me when I was seventeen, and I haven’t stopped since! I love to associate fabric and patterns to create unique garments and work on pretty finishing techniques. Having this blog allows me to share with the sewing community, but also makes me want to go the extra mile! My only regret is that I don’t have enough time to work on all the ideas that go through my head!


Why did you choose this pattern? What details did you like?

The Chardon skirt is a pattern with a lot of potential, depending of the length and the fabric it can have a very different style, from the most classic to the trendiest! The folds make the waist look thinner and give a nice flare to the skirt… and it has pockets! I’d say it’s a timeless staple to have in a pattern library!

How many Chardon skirts have you made so far? Are you planning to sew more of them?

I have already made five Chardon skirts, for every weather and each one in a different style. This season I am dreaming of stripes, of linen and chambray, so it is very likely there will be a sixth one soon!


What kind of fabric did you choose and why?

My first version was made in a black cotton with thin white stripes, for the graphical and vintage aspect it gives the skirt. My second was made in a yellow textured silk, for a cheerful and dressed-up skirt. My third version was made in a red cotton with white polka dots for an easy-breezy spring skirt. My fourth was made in a tartan wool for a rock winter version. Finally my fifth version was made in a caramel jacquard for the fall.


What do you think about the final look of the garments? Have you made any modifications?

I haven’t made any modifications, I made five identical versions and the final result is always perfect but different depending of the fabric.

When and where do you plan to wear these skirts? What are you going to wear them with?

These skirts are really easy to wear, I wear them to work as well as on the weekends. I associate them with short jackets (perfectos, denim jackets, short down jackets) and for shoes it depends of the season: boots, derbies, pumps, flats or sandals!


Thanks Barbara! ♥

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