Spring 2016 at Deer&Doe

Written by Eléonore
April 26 2016 | Behind the Scenes

It’s been a while since we’ve last shown you what goes on behind the scenes here! I missed writing these more personal posts… so here are some snapshots of what we have been doing this spring!


Of course, the main project of early 2016 was the release of the spring-summer collection with three new patterns! We had been very ambitious this season, with a long series of inspiration, fabric choice and pattern adjustment posts on the blog, and at the same time sewing and taking new pictures of several patterns from older collections. The timeline was really tight, but it was worth it in the end: the new patterns have been an unprecedented success, and you loved discovering Emilie and her radiant smile wearing the garments.


The release of the SS2016 collection was even more intense than usual because I was moving at the same time, for the third time since the creation of Deer&Doe. The sewing machines were packed at the very last minute, and we were moving boxes right when you were discovering Mélilot, Lupin and Zéphyr! It took me some time to make this new space my own, but the sewing room is now back in business 🙂


Just one short week after the move, I flew to the United States for ten days of full-on culture shock. I was able to spend some time with Camille, at her home in North Carolina. Working remotely is not always easy, and we were glad to finally be able to work face to face! We used this opportunity to discuss a ton of new projects, snap a few pictures, and brainstorm about the next fall-winter collection 😉


And today? I am already preparing the next patterns, which I hope will be a pleasant surprise! Camille is working hard at sewing samples of our older patterns so that we can update the rest of the shop 🙂 . We are also thinking a lot about what topics we want to approach on the Deer&Doe blog: what would you want to see covered here?

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