[Tutorial] Closed-back Belladone

Written by Eléonore
November 21 2015 | Belladone, Tips and Techniques

After the release of the new augmented edition of the Belladone dress pattern, we have been asked a lot if is was possible to buy or download separately the closed-back version without having to buy the pattern again. Today, we have decided to show you how to create this version from your existing pattern 🙂


Important: This is a simple and efficient method to get a closed-back variation corresponding to the former pattern of the Belladone dress. The variation included in the new version has drafted separately, and the whole pattern has been re-graded as well as enhanced with more complete and detailed instructions.


Step 1: Overlap the upper (3) and lower back (2) pieces of the Belladone bodice, making sure that the armholes and notches match. Tape the pieces together.


Step 2: Lay the pattern pieces under a sheet of tracing paper. Extend the center line of the lower back (2) all the way to the top, so that it meets the neckline.

Step 3: Trace the rest of the bodice, as well as the waist dart. Place a notch where the bottom of the back opening used to be, indicating the start of the zipper.


Step 4: Sew your invisible zipper between the two zipper notches. Sew the rest of the back seam with a 1.5cm seam allowance, then finish the dress as directed in the instructions booklet.

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