#Centaurée Sew-Along# A bodice between two sizes

Written by Eléonore

The bodice of the Centaurée dress features a rather complicated construction, and it’s not always easy to know how to modify it. Today, we’re going to see how to trace the bodice pieces if you’re inbetween two sizes.


First of all, start by tracing piece n°1, the front top, in the size corresponding to your bust measurement (here, a size 38). Then, trace piece n°3 (front bottom) in the size corresponding to your waist measurement (here, a size 40). For piece n°1, trace the notch corresponding to your bust size.



Now take piece n°2 (front middle). We’ll trace a line on the side of the piece (between the armhole and the waist) joining your bust and waist sizes (here, 38 and 40).



Join these two points using a ruler, as illlustrated above. Trace your piece using this line, and then following the line corresponding to your bust measurement for the top of the piece, and to your waist measurement for the bottom of the piece. As for piece n°1, mark the notch corresponding to your bust measurement (here, 38).



The principle is the same for the back bodice, if not easier. Join, as you did before, your bust and waist size on the side of the piece. for the strap marks, use those corresponding to your bust measurements.

And voila, your bodice is traced to your measurements! And if you’re inbetween sizes for the skirt, just trace the size corresponding to your hips:  the gathers will allow you to perfectly adjust the waist 🙂

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