New editions, and saying goodbye to Pavot and Anémone

Written by Camille
June 22 2016 | Pattern News, The Patterns

We have been talking about it for a while: since the switch to Deer&Doe’s new brand identity with the fall-winter 2015 collection, we have been freshening up older patterns as well.

Changes are far from being purely visual: updated instruction booklets with extra illustrations, additional information on yardage and finished garments measurements, some small fixes in patterns grading, and sometimes even new variations, we are going all out to make sure that Deer&Doe patterns offer the best sewing experience possible.

Indeed, since the launch of the first collection in 2012, our standards of quality have changed. Today, we attach even more importance to the fit of our patterns, the clarity of our explanations and pattern sheets, and the different variations than can be made from the same pattern. You also have been giving us some constructive feedback: a couple notches missing from the Chataigne waistband, for instance, or a pattern piece on the cross-grain on Airelle’s cutting layout.

These last six months, we have taken the time to address each pattern, one by one. Belladone, Chardon, Chataigne, Datura, Brume, Ondée, Centaurée and Bruyère have already been updated. The Airelle blouse is back in the shop today, with a new instruction booklet and an extra option for short sleeves! The next patterns to undergo these changes will all be dresses: Sureau, Aubépine, Réglisse, and Bleuet.

What will happen to Pavot and Anémone?

Unfortunately, the Pavot jacket and Anémone skirt do not meet our quality standards anymore, and there would be so many modifications needed to bring them up to a satisfying level that the new editions would end up quite different from the original patterns. We have thus decided to stop printing new copies, and these two patterns will be retired from the shop once the existing copies are sold out. We have only 150 Anémone and 50 Pavot patterns left. If you want to get your hands on these two, now is the time!


However, we don’t want the absence of these two patterns to leave a void in our catalogue for too long. Once the fall-winter collection is out, we will spend the last months of the year to work in-depth on the patterns that will replace them: an unlined spring jacket, and a modern and feminine skirt. Our goal: to offer in the beginning of next year two new patterns of similar style, which we hope you will like even more!

And don’t forget that even if these patterns are sold out online, some of our stockists might still have a copy!

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Francesca Amodeo, June 22 2016

I love your commitment. You are inspiring!
I have and love Airelle – are there many changes to the pattern itself? and is the short sleeve very different to the current sleeve, please?

    Camille, June 22 2016

    Thank you Francesca!
    The main change for Airelle is that the grading has been redone, but the pattern in size 38 remains pretty much the same (the blouse has been slightly lengthened but not in a significant way, and the cuff has been enlarged as it was a bit tight previously). The short sleeve is the same as the 3/4 one, but cut higher and with a larger sleeve cuff to fit the upper arm. You can recreate it easily by cutting the pattern piece and using the Bleuet cuff piece for instance.

kalimak, June 22 2016

I’ll be honest — I don’t really understand your decision given that these patterns have been popular with sewists. I’ve seen some lovely versions of both of these online. I think it would be worth re-issuing them, even if the changes end up being substantial.

What I — and, I think, a lot of other people — love about sewing patterns — is the freedom they give us from trends. We get to discover new patterns on our own time, at our own pace, and regardless of the year or current season. So it’s a bit sad to see designs disappear.

    Camille, June 22 2016

    Thanks for your comment! Honestly this was a difficult decision for us. It is not a question of following trends, and we are happy to have designed these patterns and to see so many lovely versions online (and in our own closets!). However, their construction and details do not meet our standards anymore and we don’t feel comfortable continuing to sell patterns that we can’t get behind 100% . The issue with making substantial modifications on existing patterns is that customers wouldn’t be able to trust reviews anymore, and sewists who had already bought the patterns might feel cheated. If the changes are so significant that they impact the design lines or construction methods of the garment, we think it is just better for everyone if we consider the end result to be a new pattern, with a different name.

Charlene, June 22 2016

I adore the Airelle also. In fact, I have made it several times with the white one I made recently being my favorite one.

I just finished up the Reglisse dress and am working on getting stuff together for my blog. It turned out so cute too that I want to try it out again. But I did trace out the Bruyere already and should make that up first.

Jo, June 22 2016

I really admire your decision as a company to update and improve patterns as your own quality expectations change. It would be really useful if the changes to patterns were documented comprehensively somewhere on the website. Making these changes to improve your patterns gives me confidence in buying more of your patterns. 🙂

What would be really nice for owners of the original Airelle pattern would be for a PDF option of the new short sleeve pattern piece/s – that way us old version owners don’t miss out (I don’t own Bleuet).

    Camille, June 23 2016

    Thank you for the feedback Jo! We have created a page that goes over all the changes made to the patterns for the new edition. It is available here 🙂
    We will also publish a tutorial to modify the sleeve and cuff pieces to create the short sleeve version of Airelle (hopefully soon, but we are pretty busy preparing the new collection at the moment!)

shannon, June 23 2016

I commend Deer & Doe for constantly working on making the sewing experience better for their customers. I do hope that you will be adding posts about the all the changes made to the patterns and how people who own the old pattern versions can recreate the updates at home.For example: I own the original Belladone and greatly appreciated the tutorial online regarding the making a closed back which is included in the new version.

I especially would like to know what exact changes have been made to the Bruyere (as it is one of my favourite patterns I own).

    Camille, June 23 2016

    Thank you Shannon! After everyone’s feedback on this post we decided to add a page that goes over all the changes, you’ll find it here. 🙂

Francesca Amodeo, June 24 2016

Thanks for your reply Camille!

Maider, June 27 2016

Hi there! I want to buy the Bleuet dress sewing pattern, but now after reading your post I don´t know if it´s better to wait for the new edition…

    Camille, June 27 2016

    We haven’t started working on the Bleuet dress for the moment, so we don’t know yet what exact changes will be made (thought they will all be very minor drafting modifications). The new edition won’t come out before the end of the year, so if you like the dress at it is, I would suggest buying it now! If we decide to add a second variation, we will publish a tutorial on the blog that will explain how to obtain the same result from the first edition of the pattern 🙂

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