#Tutorial# Short-Sleeve Airelle

Written by Eléonore

Last week, we brought Airelle back to the shop along with a new short-sleeve variation. Let’s see how you can get the same look using the first edition of the pattern!

Easy peasy! Just follow these steps 🙂


1/ Trace pattern piece #4 (sleeve). Draw a line 2 3/4” below the armhole curve. Cut along this line.


2/ Download the short-sleeve cuff by clicking here or on the picture. Print the two pages in real size (100% scale), and tape them together, matching up the markers.


3/ Switch the old sleeve and cuff for these new pattern pieces, assemble as indicated in the instruction booklet, then enjoy your summery Airelle blouse!

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Jo, June 30 2016

Thank you for this – now to find the fabric to implement this on. 🙂

Francesca, July 4 2016

Thanks so much for this! I think I have the same fabric – is it from Les Trouvailles d’Amandine? I think ill use one of my pieces for this version:)

    Camille, July 4 2016

    Yes! It is from our Deer&Doe collection for Les Trouvailles d’Amandine indeed 😀 The main fabric is the “Raw Plaid” in burgundy, and the collar and cuffs are the organic chambray, also in burgundy but using the wrong side of the fabric.

Francesca Amodeo, July 6 2016

Thanks Camille – what a great idea – I actually have the chambray in grenadine which goes with one of the pieces of RAw Plaid – thanks for the inspriation:)

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