July 2016 at the Deer&Doe HQ

Written by Eléonore
July 26 2016 | Behind the Scenes

July is almost over, and I can finally look back at the past few weeks and at everything we accomplished in such a short time!

Every year, summer is a very busy time for Deer&Doe: it’s during these months that we put the finishing touches to the fall-winter collection, photograph the samples and plan all the work for the following 6 months.

This year, Camille, who joined the Deer&Doe team last year, traveled all the way from North Carolina to our HQ in Toulouse, and we spent a whole week working and planning all our projects!


The main event in July was of course the fall-winter photo shoot 😀 . This year, we decided to focus on a single pattern for our fall release, and we hope you will like it 😉 . We also took this opportunity to continue updating the pictures of our older patterns. It was a full schedule: the shoot lasted 2 days, for a total of 18 outfits!


As for last year, we had a guest star among us! After the sunny Emilie, it was this time Tassadit and her amazingly long legs who stepped with Camille in front of the camera. Not only did we get great pictures, we also met a wonderful person and had a lot of fun!


We had the chance to work one more time with our favorite team: the photographer duo Will&Joan, and make-up and hair artist Mily Cuts. And for once, we thought about capturing this moment with the whole team! It takes many different skills to make beautiful pictures 😉 Oh and by the way: none of these images contains spoilers for our next pattern!


We’ll unveil the results of all this work in the fall! Have you started thinking about your fall wardrobe, or are you still enjoying the heat and sun of the summer holidays?

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Caitlyn, July 27 2016

I’m terribly envious of this gathering, because Camille and Tassadit are two of my favorite bloggers! What fun to bring everyone together! It sounds like you enjoyed productivity and camaraderie in equal measure. I look forward to seeing everything revealed for fall (my favorite time of year) and winter!

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