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Written by Camille
August 18 2016 | Centaurée, Featured Garments

In the summer heat, there is nothing better than light, flowy strapless dresses… and Centaurée is perfect! We have been drooling over the two beautiful versions made by Louise, and we’ve asked her a few questions… 🙂

For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live near Bordeaux in France, and I’ve had a blog for 5 years. An irresistible drive to share my lovely hobbies drew me to start writing in this sparkling and feminine universe. As time went by, my blog became more and more about sewing, as it started taking such a big place in my life. Today I share my projects, top picks, inspirations, and opinions on many topics. I deeply care about sharing my passion through easy tutorials so that everybody can learn how to sew. And of course always with a warm, welcoming, and sequined touch!


Why did you choose Centaurée? What details did you like?

What caught my eye was the long, flowy high-low skirt. When making my first version, I had not fully realized the potential of the bodice, but when I wore it it was a revelation. The seaming in the bodice is really well designed, the cut is flattering and is a great canvas for creativity. In a solid color or color-blocked, with piping in the seams or not, contrasting or matching bias binding, a short or long skirt… This pattern offers so many possibilities for making truly unique dresses.


What kind of fabrics did you choose and why?

For the one with the long skirt I used a purple rayon crepe with gives it a light and flimsy feel. I love it!
For the color-blocked version I wanted the skirt to have a little more body. I used a very thin gabardine for the navy and white parts, and a pink coton satin.


What do you think about the final look of the garment? Have you made any modifications?

This pattern is rather easy and fun to sew, but you need to take your time to have good results on the bodice and bias binding. I didn’t need to make any changes and I love how these dresses look. So much that I’m working on a third one!

For what occasions did you or are you going to wear these dresses?

I made the purple version to wear at a wedding, but I also wear it from time to time when it is really hot outside. Still, it looks pretty dressed-up. I’ve worn the second one a lot more. At work, taking a walk, or going out, I think it works in a lot of situations and is really easy to wear. And its thin straps are my secret weapon to avoid tan lines in the summer!


Thank you Louise! ♥

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