#Inspiration# Falling for Plaid

Written by Camille

Nothing says “fall” like a great plaid fabric!


At Deer&Doe, we love this classic and elegant pattern, which brings back memories of long walks in the woods and leaves changing color. The obvious substrate for plaid is of course cotton flannel, which is perfect for cosy and comfortable button-down shirts. It is the ideal fabric to sew a Bruyère shirt, a Lupin jacket, or even a cuddly Arum or even an Aubépine dress if the flannel is lightweight enough! A plaid cotton shirting would be great for an easy Sureau or Réglisse dress, or to play with bias on the bib of the Cardamome dress. And let’s not forget rayon! The Mélilot shirt would be awesome in a nice fluid rayon challis 🙂


Réglisse by Eléonore | Bruyère by Lladybird | Chataigne by Camille | Chardon by Bee Made | Belladone by Madame Tifaine | Sureau by Roobeedoo | Belladone skirt by Mademoiselle Lu

We prepared a small selection of plaid fabrics: flannels, rayons, shirting cottons, with different scales of pattern, there should be something for every project! 🙂


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Tips for sewing with plaid

To get your pattern to match perfectly at the seams, take your time and cut out your pieces from a single layer, instead of folding the fabric in half. Also consider cutting some pieces in the bias, such as yokes or button bands: not only will it bring an extra little something to your garment, it also means you won’t have to care about matching the plaid at those seams!

Have you sewn a Deer&Doe pattern out of plaid fabric? Let us know in the comments!

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Amos, October 15 2016

Yes! I love my Fumeterre with the pockets on the bias: https://winnelspot.smugmug.com/Blog/Sewing/Shirts-a-skirt-and-a-new.

    Camille, October 17 2016

    Great job on the plaid matching! 😀

Virginia, November 2 2016

I just finished a plaid Melilot in cotton flannel. It’s my new favorite shirt!

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