Autumn 2016 at Deer&Doe HQ

Written by Eléonore
October 11 2016 | Behind the Scenes

The main event this fall was of course the release of the Safran pants, which has been a huge success! But many other things have been happening backstage these past few months 🙂

After the release of Safran, we spent most of the month writing blog posts for #safranseptember. We wanted to deviate a bit from the classic sew-along formula, by alternating between tutorials, adjustments and inspiration, and it seems that you enjoyed it! Your positive feedback was a great reward for the time we spent planning this event 😉


Camille also went through a big move in September, as she crossed the Atlantic ocean to join me in Toulouse for three months! Being able to work face-to-face is great, and we’re using this opportunity to the fullest to work on next season’s patterns, develop new content (a monthly newsletter, new tutorials…) and enjoy the last days of good weather by having lunch outside in the “pink city” 😉


We’re also continuing to release updated editions, and we have one pattern coming back to the store this month (more on this very soon!). This gave us a chance to pay a visit to our printer and discuss printing techniques and materials!


Unfortunately fall also marks the return of the seasonal cold, which has recently wiped out our little team! In this situation, there’s nothing like gearing up with a blanket and a bowl of hot chocolate to sketch out winter sewing projects 🙂

How is autumn treating you? Do you have any plans for the next few months?

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PsychicSewerKathleen, October 11 2016

I always check back with you to see what new patterns are being released! I love your patterns – they are so fashion forward and a great fit too.

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