#Aubépine# Remove the sleeve tucks

Written by Eléonore
October 23 2013 | Aubépine, Tips and Techniques

I’m sure you are all a bit like me: sometimes I like to take my time to sew a complicated or time-consuming detail on a garment, and sometimes I like when projects go quickly and smoothly!

Some of you have been asking how to remove the tucks from the bodice and sleeves of Aubepine to make the dress quicker to sew.

Modifying the bodice is very simple: you’ll just need to use the lining piece, which doesn’t have the tucks. For the sleeves, here’s how to do it:


The idea is simple: we’ll fold the pattern like an accordion to remove the extra length. Start by folding the piece along the first dotted line.


Then fold the pattern piece in the other direction along the solid line just below.


We’ve recreated the tuck! Now you’ll just need to do the same for the two other pleats.


You can use a ruler to fold the tucks quicker and more precisely.


Once you have folded the three tucks, tape them into place with masking tape, and trace the sleeve onto your fabric 🙂

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