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Camille | December 13 2018

We’re getting back to the PDF releases of our older patterns today, with not one but two new digital patterns: the Brume and Fumeterre skirts! Skirt lovers rejoice! All our skirt patterns are now available in PDF format: it was already the case for Chardon, Azara, Zephyr and Goji, and today they are joined by […]

Camille | March 21 2016

You might have wondered if the princess-seamed bodice of the Zéphyr dress was compatible with the Brume skirt. Indeed it is! We named this very femme fatale pairing the “Zébrume” dress 🙂 When we updated the Brume skirt pattern to the new packaging, we also slightly narrowed the front panel so that its lines match […]

Camille | April 7 2015

In the previous post, we saw how to adapt the Brume skirt if our measurements correspond to more than one size. Today, we’re going to tackle the FBA (Full Butt Adjustment): how to adjust the pattern for protruding buttocks! When is a FBA necessary? You graded the hips as explained in our previous post, but the result […]

Camille | April 6 2015

The Brume skirt has some original style lines with a yoke at hip level, which makes grading it a little bit different, if your measurements fall into more than one size. Today, we’ll see how to adapt the skirt to your body type. Body type 1: shelf hips Diagnosis : your hip size is larger than your waist size (for example 38 […]

Eléonore | January 23 2018

We’ve recently released the Zéphyr dress in PDF format! For the occasion, let’s round-up a few of our favorite dresses made from this pattern. And boy, has this pattern inspired you since it came out! We’ve seen so many lovely interpretations, and many of you have even tried hacking it or mixing it with other […]

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