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Camille | December 16 2021

Click here to view the first part of this series. . . . to Martinique (Videos Marietta Nuissier – Photos/Montage Laurence GROS-DESIRS – Audio « Lessons » Kalpee feat. Mortimer) 1. A Crop Top Sirocco I dreamed of this nude colored Sirocco crop top and pants as my first hack to share under the Martinique […]

Camille | December 14 2021

Hello, my name is Laurence GROS-DESIRS (aka Pimsy coud des trucs), and I am a Sirocco addict. What you might not believe is that I don’t typically like to make the same pattern repeatedly. But the Sirocco jumpsuit has changed my habits like no other. Even better, it’s increased my creativity tenfold, since it’s such […]

Camille | November 26 2021

The reviews are in! Prior to every collection release, we ask different sewists to try out our patterns and share their honest opinions. This allows you to see the garment in varying styles and fabrics, and get a better idea from our reviewers of what it will be like to work with the pattern. Today, […]

Camille | November 4 2021

This October marked one year of Acajou! With a cocoon-shaped silhouette and the option for cargo-inspired details, Acajou was admittedly a bit of a design departure for us. But with the return of wider pant styles in full swing now, it’s a look that continues to get trendier. We’ve seen some amazing versions from the […]

Camille | October 26 2021

Since Eléonore shared her version of the Acajou pants, I thought I’d show you my latest project as well: a pair of Narcisse pants! Narcisse is not our most well-known pattern (it stayed in the shadow of Myosotis and Nénuphar when it was released!) but I think it’s time to put it in the spotlight: […]