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Eléonore | February 6 2020

We mentioned it on the blog, 2020 will be the year of self-care for Deer&Doe! So with Valentine’s day approaching and all the social pressure that comes with it, we figured you deserve a little selection to treat yourselves no matter your current romantic situation! 1 – “Sewist” necklace: This pretty gold- or silver-plated necklace from […]

Sylvie | January 31 2020

We’re right in the middle of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. As far as I’m concerned, once the holidays are over, I turn into a bear and I start hibernating! I bury myself under layers upon layers of clothes, I make myself comfortable, I snuggle by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, I […]

Camille | January 7 2020

For the release of our new book, we’ve decided to interview a few of our reviewers to learn more about how they think about their sewing practice and wardrobes in light of the method presented in Dressed. We end this mini-series with Laurence, aka Pimsy! I’m a very spontaneous person by nature, and I think my sewing matches […]

Camille | December 19 2019

Every year for the holidays, I like to make a Christmas dress to celebrate the season and the end of the year. My family, though, is not big on dressing up for special occasions. Maybe the occasional Christmas sweater, but forget about fancy velvets and sequins! So this time, I wanted to sew a dress […]

Eléonore | December 16 2019

The holidays are here, and if you’re like me and you haven’t finished all your gifts yet, here is a little selection that might inspire you! No matter your budget, you’ll be sure to make your favorite sewist happy (we promise we won’t tell anyone if you leave this web-page open on the family computer […]

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