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Camille | May 12 2022

Last but not least in our series of reviewer roundups, today we are sharing six versions of the Fougère overshirt (available in sizes 34-48 and 46-60)! We’ve included some review highlights below, but we encourage you to visit everybody’s full posts for more photos and information. Thank you to Jo, Stephanie, Sylvia, Nisan, Jessica, Samantha, and Annika for taking […]

Eléonore | May 6 2022

Last but not least, we present the Fougère overshirt and jacket!  Featuring a voluminous three-part sleeve and oversized patch pockets, Fougère includes two trendy silhouettes that are both packed with classic and fun-to-sew shirt details. Version A is a loose overshirt with a deeply curved hem that is finished with a facing for the perfect […]

Eléonore | May 3 2022

Get ready to turn up the volume with our newest collection! Genêt, Hysope, and Fougère are our take on this season’s biggest trends: strong & fresh silhouettes, matching sets, and a delightful interplay of masculine and feminine elements.  Our first new collection designed for both of our size ranges, we present: Genêt, a pair of […]