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Camille | December 16 2021

Click here to view the first part of this series. . . . to Martinique (Videos Marietta Nuissier – Photos/Montage Laurence GROS-DESIRS – Audio « Lessons » Kalpee feat. Mortimer) 1. A Crop Top Sirocco I dreamed of this nude colored Sirocco crop top and pants as my first hack to share under the Martinique […]

Camille | December 14 2021

Hello, my name is Laurence GROS-DESIRS (aka Pimsy coud des trucs), and I am a Sirocco addict. What you might not believe is that I don’t typically like to make the same pattern repeatedly. But the Sirocco jumpsuit has changed my habits like no other. Even better, it’s increased my creativity tenfold, since it’s such […]

Camille | December 3 2021

Last but not least in our blog series on adjusting the Sirocco jumspuit: adjusting for a full tummy! Fabric pulling around the lower abdomen, diagonal drag lines radiating from the crotch area, gaping pockets, all of these can indicate you would benefit from a full tummy adjustment. To confirm this and know how much you’ll […]

Camille | December 2 2021

The Sirocco jumpsuit has a tapered design through the legs, but the fit should never be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. That’s why today we are covering how to do a full calf adjustment. If you find yourself with fabric bunching up around your knees or pant legs that feel too tight across your calves, […]

Camille | December 1 2021

Let’s continue our tutorial series on the Sirocco jumpsuit with a full biceps adjustment! If your garments often feel tight around the upper arms, a full biceps adjustment could make them more comfortable for you. And this time, in order to figure out how much width to add to your sleeves, you don’t have to […]