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Written by Eléonore
August 24 2016 | Pattern News, Safran

Many of you had been asking us for this pattern and it was long due in our catalogue… After months of work, we are happy to introduce Safran, the first ever pair of pants from Deer&Doe!

We have spent months designing, testing, and polishing it… and it is now with great pleasure that we finally unveil the Safran jeans and pants pattern! Safran is the only pattern in this fall-winter 2016 release, as we wanted to put extra care into perfecting it, and we hope you will like the result 🙂


Safran is a high-waisted pair of skinny jeans or pants, with multiple details (belt loops, back patch pockets, front diagonal welt pockets). It comes it two lengths: classic jeans length, and cropped ankle length.


The Safran pants are designed to be stylish yet comfortable, so they require fabric with 20% to 30% stretch: make sure to check the stretch percentage of your fabric using this method before cutting into it 😉 . It can be made out of denim, light twill, cotton sateen, velvet, suede, pleather… for widely different garments! (we will tell you more about choosing fabric for Safran in an upcoming blog post)

Want to see Safran in action? Check out our presentation video!

Safran is a wardrobe staple that will work with any t-shirt, blouse or tunic… Have you noticed that it was worn with the Bruyère shirt and the Datura blouse in the online shop? 😉


What if you like Safran, but you are afraid to tackle pants fitting? Or maybe you aren’t sure of where to get the fabric and supplies? Fear not, will address all these questions and more during #SAFRANSEPTEMBER, a month dedicated to sewing Safran. Furthermore, we have already included in the instruction booklet some fitting advice for the most common issues that will allow you to get started right away!

We hope you like Safran! To celebrate this release we encourage you to create your own outfit bundle, with 10% off until Sunday on Safran + Mélilot, Safran + Bruyère, or Safran + Datura when you buy them together!

Safran is already available in the online shop, stay tuned to discover beautiful pictures of finished pants tomorrow!

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Andrea, August 24 2016

Where are the shoes of the cropped version from? 🙂

Eleonore, August 24 2016

YESSSS! I literally just squealed with joy. (My coworkers seem a bit weirded out.) Could this mean that my tiresome quest for the perfect jean pattern is finally over?

zilredloh, August 24 2016

I’m smitten with your new pattern & am swooning over that polka dot denim. Will you be mentioning sources for your materials in the next post? I have such a hard time purchasing/finding denim that has both good stretch and recovery.

    Eléonore, August 24 2016

    Thank you! We will publish a detailed blog post with several fabric sources (both in Europe and North America) during the Safran September, in a few days 🙂

Yavanna Reynolds, August 25 2016

I’m really excited for this pattern. I love the curvy lines of these pants and your models look amazing and comfortable! It gives me hope that my own version will also look as amazing. Thank you for the discount too. I used this as an opportunity to pick up a couple of patterns of yours I’ve been wanting :). Hopefully the international post will be kind and I’ll have it in time to sew along with you all in September.

Sarah, September 8 2016

This is the first time the pattern measurements on a pair of pants have ever come close to matching my body measurements (30″ waist, 40″ hip). Yay! Do you think it would be easy for me to lower the waistline slightly? I love the design, but owing to an old scar from surgery I can’t wear fitted clothing at my waist.

    Camille, September 8 2016

    We’re glad you like the pattern! We discussed lowering the rise in our FAQ post, as we won’t be addressing it during #safranseptember. If you still want to try this modification, you can check out this blog post from Design by Lindsay who did something similar 🙂

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